The urge for spiritual awakening is not only the most profound, but also the most compelling. It takes great amount of grit and fortitude to pursue spiritual awakening and enlightenment, and break through the chains of materialism and manifested worldliness.

Guiding the true seeker towards the ultimate awakening and the collected wisdom of the ages, Gyan Marg is a place for discovering the best guidance coming from the most profound groups of mystics and spiritual masters.

This truly transcendental knowledge has been the source of enlightenment for the greatest of luminaries, including the Lord Rama himself, whose journey to spiritual awakening forms the core of Sri Yoga Vasishtha, one of the greatest manuscripts ever to have enriched mankind.

Though no parallels can be drawn upon to effectively chart out the course of spiritual awakening, the process by and large unfolds at a steady pace. There are no defining limits on when the realization shall be ultimately reached, but the progress can certainly be fostered by weeding all the bumps out of the way. With this on mind, two great spiritual luminaries of contemporary times, Dr. Rochaldas Sahib and Dr. R.M Hari set about unveiling the richest realms of knowledge to the world.

Reworked into a compilation of questions and answers by Dr. Hari, and a spiritual marvel in itself, Sri Yoga Vasishtha is one of the greatest works of Sri Valmiki. It is a compilation of the intriguing journey of Lord Rama from the physical world to being a paragon of spirituality and enlightenment.

The compelling narration and the intriguing context make Sri Yoga Vasishtha such a great instrument for progressing towards spiritual enlightenment. It encapsulates all the practical and spiritual guidance ever to have dawned mankind and is worth for anyone seeking the ultimate knowledge and assimilation with the inner self.

At one point of narration in the book which stresses on balancing knowledge with actions, sage Agasti Muni states, “Both, actions (karma) and knowledge (gyan) are necessary for attaining liberation. Either alone does not lead to liberation.” That is the core of Gyan Marg—providing the right knowledge to initiate the right actions, and facilitate the transition from the outside to within.

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