Bodyfitline is one of the leading manufacturer, exporter and importer of Strength Equipment Strength Equipment - Hammer Series, Strength Equipment, Commercial Cardio, Leg and Smith, Benches, Dumbbell and much more. Our products are best in functionality.

Bodyfitline Strength and Equipment Manufacturers
Our mission is to bulid good health and fitness experiences that help people live the lives they desire.

Dumbbells Manufacturers in Jalandhar Punjab, India

Bodyfitline is the best Dumbbells Manufacturers in Jalandhar, Punjab. Dumbbells are a great way to start exercising. These are a kind of free weights and can be used anywhere. These are very much portable and don’t need much space. It can be used in commercial gyms as well as home also. We are a specialist in manufacturing dumbbells and provide our customers with the different range of dumbbells.

Bodyfitline Gym Accessories
We manufacturer high quality gym kits which include bags, cloths, shoes, gloves, supporters, etc. We provide customized gym accessories which our customers want. Our accessories include gym tools, water bottles, exercise bands, skipping ropes, waist trimmers, chest expanders, belts and strength etc.

Fitness And Gym Machines Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter In Jalandhar, Punjab.

Bodyfitline Gym Manufacturers has established an estimable place within the industry of fitness as an awarded gym equipment manufacturer, supplier & exporter in Jalandhar. We also deals with gym planning and designing and setup to make the foremost important part for a gym that’s personal comfort.

We offer the best Gym Benches Equipments. To know more, Feel free to talk to me if you think you have received a lower quote from someone else. Made from the highest quality materials, these benches can support heavy weights and provide a great level of support to exercisers. Perform Flat Bench Press, Arm Press, Barbell Press, Abdominal Press, Sit-ups and Leg Extensions on these durable exercise benches right in the comfort of your home.

With 25 Years of Strong Will Power and Strength BodyFitline is Manufacturing All type of Gym Equipment for All over India Latest Brand for Fitness to Gain Strength. Here ‘Body Fitline’ Come Only For You For Setuping Latest And Advanced Technology Gym Equipment. To Make India Fit and Fine from the World Our Team is Presenting All the Best Quality Equipment That Might Be Not Given the Others in Your Budget only. Our company is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Dumbbells and Exercise Fitness Accessories that are made using quality raw material with the help of cutting-edge techniques. They are high in demand in gym centers and fitness club for performing various exercises.

We Bodyfitline Gym Manufacturer trust in delivering the best productivity following the quality standards of our products such Strength , Dumbbells, Gym Accessories and Complete Gym Products, According to custom requirements of manufacturer & retailers for size, color & branding.

Commercial Cardio Fitness Equipment
Cardio Fitness Equipment is extremely important whether your motto is to gain or reduce weight in your workout schedule for the best results. Best Commercial Cardio Exercise Equipment & Machine Brand – Bodyfitline Gym Manufacturer in Jalandhar. We keep ourselves innovative and occupies in finding the new things every day to get better the way you live and move. Take your cardio session to a high level.

Basic Functions of Gym Accessories
Increase Workout Possibilities

Gym gear like dumbbells, Cardio, and Sports enable you to add countless exercise options to your workout routine. These are also compact enough to be used in small workout spaces.

Increase Comfort

Our basic exercise accessories like a yoga mat and gloves can make your workout more comfortable.

Prevent Injury

Some fitness accessories are meant to prevent injury while working out.


We are the best manufacturer, supply, and export the following extensive range of Gym and Sports Products and Equipments:

All Type Of Gym Equipment

All Type Of Strength Equipments

Dummbell Equipments Manufacturers

All Type Of Sports Equipments

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Bodyfitline Gym Machine Manufacturers in Jalandhar, India All Gym Equipments. Want to know about product details and its price, call at: 872942065, 9417387931, 7009354492

Bodyfitline Gym Machine Manufacturers in Jalandhar, India All Gym Equipments. Want to know about complete product details and price, call at: 872942065, 9417387931, 7009354492 or via EMAIL:

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