Ask many people to define the word habit and they give a negative definition. There is plenty of evidence that a habit can be bad; the habit of smoking, overeating, drinking, watching television and on and on. On the flip side, there are beneficial habits. The habit of exercising, eating healthy, meditating, saving money, or anything else that is part of living a life with passion. We were not born with our current habits. We conditioned ourselves to consistently do what are now bad habits and good habits. Often when a person wants to change a bad habit they think in terms of elimination. Get rid of it and be gone with it. This usually backfires. A better choice is to replace on habit with another. Replace smoking with walking or deep breathing. Replace over watching of television with journaling. Develop replacing foods that are bad for your health with those that are great for your health. It’s really about choice. As an ex smoker of over 25 years, I know how difficult the process can be. I chose to make the change over 15 years ago when continuing on with the habit was more painful than making the change. This is where the distinction of our habits resides. When something is more painful to continue than change or there is more pleasure in the change than continuing on with our current habits, we make the change. Simple as that. For some the change comes when we are told there is an impending health crisis we are dealing with. For others, the thought of changing a life threatening habit is more painful than continuing the habit. What it all boils down to is…”What is the quality of life you want?” What are you committed to in order to achieve the dreams you have? What habits are currently holding you back from this and what habits do you need to form in order to move closer to your dreams and the quality of life you say you want. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

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