If you do happen to be a product junkie or like to hoard too many skin care products then here’s the habits you should ditch say the experts.

Very many of us like to peruse through drug store and the beauty department looking for the latest skin care products, samples and new fads. This is not always a good thing, and whether it’s the trill of finding a great deal or a problem solver to pesky spot, trying and using new products over a short period of time does more harm than good.

It could even lead to clogged pores and dry skin, so halt those bargain hunting and product junkie cravings. Play safe by using one new product at a time and allowing your skin some time to adjust too. Whether it’s are beauty products for radiant skin or a skin care product for acne, every skin type needs some before you chuck one bottle for the next. This way you might even be able to hone into what product it is that really works and the one that causes the spots. So lesson number one, don’t try everything you see and don’t buy what your skin does not need.

When we suffer from a “bad skin day” we tend to get quite aggressive about our treatments, and tend to over do things in an attempt to get a radiant complexion and fast. Don’t battle with you skin, by piling on antiseptic and cleansing creams the spots won’t go away. And never try and combine two acne products thinking the more the better. Your skin will end up paying the price and you don’t want that. Skin experts advise caution when using ingredients like Retinol, Alpha hydroxy acids (like glycolic acid) Salicylic acid Benzoyl peroxide. Sometimes treating your skin to all natural and organic formulas or cold pressed oils will benefit the skin more than cheap products promising instant results. Really, if anything promises instant results then you should be cautious. Beautiful skin is not just dependent on the lotions and potions that you use; a healthy lifestyle plays a big part too. It’s both inner and outer care and so superfood and herbal remedies for inner skin care are something to consider too.

Another thing to remember is you do not need stick to a very rigid skin care routine. As with the climes and with the changes in your own skin, one needs to adapt and tailor your daily routine. More moistursing in cold months, aging skin needs a night oil or cream and in times of stress you need a good supplement to meet your nutritional needs too. So adapt and change and use spa and body accessories to maintain circulation and boost lymphatics.

And lastly do remember too frugal can come at a cost, and to your skin. Stay clear from cheap drug store remedies, read and understand ingredients and look them up should you need to.

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A healthy skin is an sign of healthy lifestyle that one enjoys. Use skin care products
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