Oh we say it all the time: "I have to get to band/choir practice", "My son has little league practice", "We have to get Susie to band practice"

It's how we get better. It's how EVERYONE gets better! Let's not forget when we go to the Doctor we are entering into a Medical practice! If we need an attorney, we go to see him at his Legal Practice!

And as scary as that may sound, it is true. We are only as good as what we do... over and over and over again.

So I ask... what are you becoming good at? What are you practicing?

How many of us are expert "worriers"? Oh if there were a degree in that, right?

How many of us are really good at yelling to get others to listen? That one doesn't take long to master, so time to move on to something else.

How many of us are getting better at losing things... hey, you don't want the title "super loser" do you? It just doesn't look good on your super hero costume, with or without the cape!

We need to stop and think... are we becoming really good at focusing on the wrong things, making excuses, raising our blood pressure and/or bringing ourselves down by what we say to ourselves... and listening to the wrong people?
Change what you are practicing

When you believe all the garbage out there to make you feel bad about yourself, or that you are not good enough, you cannot help but PRACTICE bad behavior because of wrong thoughts!

How do you get past all the trash thrown at you on a daily basis? You ACT AS IF (name of my book), by acting as if the promises of the Bible are true. Acting as if the Creator of the Universe thinks about you every minute of every day and that you are important enough that He would do anything for you... and HAS done everything for you.

You can pick these people out of a crowd, they are the SHINING LIGHTS of the world because they practice trusting in the Lord. We do it over and over and over again.

There is help. You have been chosen to be a SHINING LIGHT, you just haven't practiced it enough!

You can get your signed copy of "Act as if..." and join the ACT AS IF MOVEMENT, as seen on television. You were not created for a life of self doubt and depression! Join THE ACT AS IF MOVEMENT NOW!

Author's Bio: 

As a Christian Organizer, Author and Speaker Holly Boyd travels the USA helping others put the tried and true methods of the Bible to work for you.

You have control over your attitude - it's what your Creator says... Act as if!

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