A massage helps loosen the muscles and underlying tissues of the skin. You can use a massager on your scalp, cheeks and face, shoulders and muscles, and belly and abs area. The vibrator is useful because it is easy to use. Many battery-operated models let you carry the massager around to any place in your house.

Types of massagers

The Head Massager Vibrator helps one get rid of tensions. It has an electric motor attached to a vibrating mechanism. It is available in different sizes and shapes. They may be three-pronged or flat-faced. The rolling massage head vibrator is also popular. There are glove vibrators that are gentle and comforting. The finger massager exerts bearable pressure on the fingers. You keep your fingers on your head or any place you want to massage and switch on the device. The pulsing action helps to improve the effectiveness of the massage. You can use the vibrator/massager on your back and muscles to get relief from cramps and stress.

Usefulness of a massager

Popular uses of a head massager are to improve the skin health of the scalp. This helps hair grow faster and better. It removes tensions in the head by soothing the nerves and improving blood flow. You have to choose a flat type of massager as this covers the biggest area and gives you an effective massage. Many massagers come with batteries. This helps you to carry the massager/vibrator to any place in the house.

Color your hair to hide greys

Other than massages for the head, an important beauty care item is the hair color powder. Use of natural powders help preserve the health of the scalp and maintain the strength of hair. One such is Herbal Henna Burgundy Hair Powder Color made from Henna, a natural herb. It makes the hair turn red in color. There are varieties that give your hair black color as well.

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