Your crowning glory is your most important asset. Protecting and maintaining is the only things it demands. Many of us are unable to maintain their natural hair due to a countless number of reasons. Some of these factors cause permanent hair loss like heredity which can’t be revered because of the fact that it is rooted in your DNA. In such situations, a person can do nothing but worried about his hair loss.

Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is a type of hair loss in which a person suffering from bald patches on all over the scalp. The basic problem with this type of hair loss is that it ruins your graceful personality by making you look aged. Diffuse hair shedding, receding hairline, and bald patches are the indication that you are suffering from pattern baldness. Statistically, this type of hair loss is more common in men than that of women.

Pattern baldness is a heredity hair loss that transfers from parent to offspring. People who are susceptible to pattern baldness are sensitive to Dihydrosterone (DHT) hormone. These hormones affect your hair growth life cycle by shifting your hair follicles into resting-state permanently by reducing its lifespan from 3 to 4 months to 3 to four years. Hence, there is no chance of starting hair growth again.

The production of DHT is regulated by a special enzyme called as 5-alpha reductase. The overproduction of DHT can be problematic in all men. So, it is very necessary to keep yourself tested to find the actual cause of your hair loss. Once you know that what problem you are going through, it becomes easier to find a perfect solution. Toppik Hair Building Fiber is the most appropriate and feasible solution for the victims of pattern hair loss. And Toppik Shampoo is the most recognizing product to stop your hair fall.

Although male pattern baldness can hardly be recover but eating healthy minerals, vitamins, iron, and protein help reducing the sensitivity of hair loss. Besides having a good diet, it is important to correct your hair care routine like showering habits. You need to understand the fact that you are at a risk of hair loss so, you have to take care of your mane with an extra love.

Hair building Fibers UAE is chemically made up of keratin which is a concentrated form of protein. These fibers use natural magnetic technology and are statically electric charged. It has become possible to overcome such hair loss due to an advanced and innovative technology used in the manufacturing of these fibers. Hair Fibers in UAE gives you an illusion of having a fuller hair look. It is time to say goodbye to pattern hair loss with the most effective hair thickening products.

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