Haircare is a broad term that is often associated with caring for our hair using various hair care products. However, it is essentially a term for hygiene and cosmetology of the hair on our head. It is not uncommon for people to visit a salon for hair treatment, especially women. Some of the common hair treatments include trimming, shaving, colouring, plucking, waxing, threading. Haircare is important for many reasons, our good appearance is one of them.

There are several hair care products that one can use to ensure our remains healthy and help maintain our self-esteem. In fact, there were several surveys conducted that suggest that the main reason for women to actively use such products is to help maintain their hair and high self-confidence. This article goes on to provide essential tips on how to care for your hair for those with blonde hair in Australia. 

  • Essential tips to care for blonde hair

The well known saying that "Blondes have more fun", is true to some extent however, blondes also need to spend more time caring for it. The type of maintenance necessary for blonde hair tends to be different from other types of hair. Here are few hair care tips for blonde hair:

  • Avoid bleaching your hair yourself since this will introduce several harmful chemicals into your hair. Such chemicals are harmful to your health and at times may also strip your hair and scalp of the natural oils and elements. It can result in unhealthy hair.
  • Those who prefer bleaching their hair should ideally consult the experts prior to doing so and if possible have them do it. The professionals have the knowledge on how much to use and which hair care products to use in Australia. They take special care to avoid damage to your hair and protect the hair strands.
  • Do not brush wet hair; in fact, this applies to any type of hair. It is best to avoid brushing hair since they are more vulnerable to breaking at this time.
  • Blow-dry your hair or wait for it to dry prior to combining them. Our hair is quite delicate, hence irrespective of whether it is blonde or not allow it to dry first.
  • Styling tools that use heat can further damage your hair; hence avoid using such tools. Those who still like to use tools that heat their hair, should ideally do so by first applying a protective spray or cream. Such products will help you prevent causing damage to your hair and also avoid breakage.
  • Give special treatment to your hair, everyone with blonde hair should do so. Pamper it well using various hair masks. Also use other products to nourish, enrich and moisturise it.
  • Applying a mask overnight is an effective technique to ensure it will penetrate deep into your scalp and moisturise it.
  • Use a combination of shampoo and conditioner after applying a mask to make your blonde hair healthier.
  • The shampoo you use should ideally be sulphate-free and toning colour safe. The reason is that washing your hair with shampoo can change the colour of blonde hair. Using a colour safe shampoo will avoid this from happening. Besides which it will also prevent the shampoo from stripping off essential oils from your scalp.
  • Avoid washing your hair too frequently since it can have an adverse effect. Doing so may make your hair seem stripped, limp and devoid of life instead of smooth and shiny.
  • It is best to wash your hair every 2 to 3 days. Dry shampoo will help you deal with the buildup of dirt and oil in the hair and strengthen it at the same time.
  • The best method to achieve good shine in your hair is to apply the mask generously and use natural nourishing oils.
  • Popular blond hair care products

There are several stores selling hair products online and it is highly beneficial to buy from online stores. Opting to buy from online stores means one can do so from the convenience of their home and at any time of the day. It also makes it possible to perform your research in the right way. One should ideally shop around for products prior to finding the eCommerce store that stocks the products you require. Some of the common hair care products for blonde are as listed here:

  • SYSPRO Silver Shampoo
  • K18 Molecular Repair Mask
  • Shimmer Me Blonde
  • Blonde Angel
  • Blonde Angel Wash
  • EVO Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Shampoo

EVO Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Intensifying Conditioner

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