We all long for glossy and gorgeous hair colour but unfortunately, it remains just for a few weeks due to factors like hair damage and faded colour. It is very obvious that dyes can damage your hair health and make it appear very dull and unpleasant. Let’s have a look at the harsh chemicals present in hair colours which can ruin your hair health:

• Ammonia

Ammonia is a very powerful chemical used in hair dye which changes the natural PH of your hair. It can be pretty irritating to your scalp and can cause severe itching and hair damage. Due to the increase in awareness, you are always looking for an ammonia-free hair colour which doesn’t exist. There are some products that claim to have a zero percentage of ammonia but actually have a significant ratio of this chemical. Ammonia lifts the hair cuticle and makes it look frizzy, dehydrated, and dull.

• Hydrogen Peroxide

The bleaching effect in hair colours is achieved by adding hydrogen peroxide. It lightens your hair colour by breaking down the melanin pigment in your hair shafts. It damages your hair and can cause hair fall by weakening the natural bond of your hair. You can’t achieve your desired hair colour without hydrogen peroxide, however, you can reduce the chemical damage of the hair by using Olaplex.

You can maintain the health and beauty of your colour treated hair by upgrading your hair care routine. For this purpose, the first thing you should do is reconsider your hair care products. You can follow the below mentioned tips for fresh and vibrant hair colour:

• Wash less often;
• Don’t skip the conditioner;
• Eat vitamins enriched diet;
• Avoid heat hairstyling tools;
• Get regular trims;
• Wear a hat before going under the sun;
• Use deep conditioning treatments.

You can also use Olaplex 3 in order to avoid reduces the harmful effects of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. All you need to do is apply a small amount of it on your damp hair, it rebuilds the broken disulfide bonds in the hair.

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