Primarily if I were doing a hair loss review I'd generally be talking about hair replacement sugary or some kind of prescription medication. Now lets face it there aren't that many alternatives when considering re-growing hair. Thank goodness there is an all-natural product called Provillus that provides an all-natural option to treating hair loss and baldness. Then again before we get into the cure for baldness let’s take a look at why hair falls out to start with.

The main cause of hairloss both in women and men is named female pattern baldness or male pattern baldness. This is a genetic condition and is caused once the male hormone testosterone fuses with 5 alpha reductase, that resembles an enzyme within your body. A combination of the two creates another hormone in the body called DHT, this new hormone attaches it's self into the hair follicle, starving the hair foillicle of nutrition and thin the hair follicle out so that the follicle cannot sustain hair regrowth, Provillus functions against DHT with a two pronged attack.

The primary stage of attack is to take a tablet that includes vitamins, minerals and holistic ingredients, that are designed to minimize the production of DHT, and in turn promotes hair growth. It uses an organic herb called nettle root that is able to clean up testosterone in the blood. It also features zinc and Saw Palmetto Extract, that happen to be both known for being able to inhibit producing 5 alpha reductase in your body. Provillus also contains vitamin B-6 that metabolizes protein, oh one more thing, hair consists of almost all protein. It also consists of Biotin, which is recommended by skin doctors to help individuals with thinning hair.

Stage two of the process would be to apply minoxidil topically on the scalp; for those who have not discovered minoxidil it had been used as a treatment for an additional condition, and the side-effect of using monixidil was enhanced hair growth. It was eventually so successful to promote new hair growth it has been approved by the FDA being a treatment for hair thinning and re-growing hair. No one is certain why minoxidil is so efficient at re-growing hair, nonetheless it is assumed it reaches and blocks DHT before it has time for it to affect the scalp before it reaches the follicles and the scalp. It is also known for the improvement of circulation, thus enhancing hair growth and stopping hair loss.

You will find however some things to take into consideration, first of all if you apply Provillus at night you are unlikely to wake up with a full head of hair. It took many years and many months to lose your hair to the point of notice thus it will take time to notice a change in your hair's restoration. Typically it takes at least of 6 months before any change will take place, so giving it a go for one month isn't only a waste of your time but also a total waste of money. An added point of consideration is if you're almost completely bald then Provillus will probably not do you much good and maybe consider an expensive hair transplant. But one must think about the 100% cash back guarantee that Provillus offers if you use there product, it does not get much better then that.

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