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Are you experiencing hair loss? It is normal for a strand or two of your hair to fall off once in a while; the body quickly replaces it with new strands. This is a normal renewal process. However, a lot of women nowadays suffer from abnormal hair loss. This can either be:

• Regular/daily loss of hair in clumps
• Gradual but obvious loss of hair in just one part of the head, also known as common pattern baldness
• Obvious even thinning of hair

Hair loss can be caused by several possible factors. The most common causes are aging, genetic baldness that also comes with old age, hair treatments gone wrong, chemotherapy and other health problems, and of course, the ultimate culprit – stress.

Stress is the ultimate culprit because it can cause hair loss in any woman, even younger ones.

If you are young, healthy, and do not have genetic baldness in your family history, but you’re losing clumps of hair, do a lifestyle check. You may be under a lot of mental stress. If so, here’s what you have to do to keep from losing your long locks.

1. Eliminate the sources of stress. The first course of action is to recognize what causes your stress and to eliminate them. If you have too much work, try to lighten your load to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. Obviously, it’s affecting your well-being, and nothing is worth endangering your health for.

2. Seek stress management therapy and medication. If you want, you may also seek stress management therapy and get medication for the problem. There are many stress medications that can help fend off fatigue and other physical effects of stress. However, if there is no immediate need for these, you can try home or self help remedies first so you won’t have to spend a lot of money (which can, by the way, also add to your stress).

3. Meditate. Take time to learn the art of meditation. Meditation is all about clearing your mind so your mind and body becomes relaxed. Once your mind is empty and all clear, the body will also gradually relax because it becomes free of all the negative triggers coming from the mind. This is one way to keep stress from manifesting in physical forms.

4. Fill the mind with positive thoughts. Once your mind is clear with meditation, you can also reinforce your personal strength by filling it with positive thoughts. One very effective way of doing this is by watching subliminal videos.

The concept of subliminal mind programming works this way: the subliminal videos send hidden messages that are instantly decoded and recorded by the subconscious. These messages are called subliminal because they are sub or under the limens or threshold of the conscious state. They go directly to the subconscious without getting filtered by the conscious mind. The right words as well as regular exposure to subliminal messages are, together, so powerful that they can remove embedded stress-causing thoughts in the subconscious and replace them with positive empowering thoughts.

This is a good way to remove the stress factors embedded in your system, so they will also stop wreaking havoc on your health and your hair.

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