If you are dealing with baldness or thinning hair then I am certain that you have considered a hair regrowth treatment. When you're coping with the reality of losing hair I understand it's tough to handle the decrease of your hair, today however there are many great options to help you restore your lack of hair and regrow your falling locks. Are you wondering where you can turn for the magic potion which will restore your hair, there may not be a magic potion yet but there are lots of options, which i have listed below for an efficient hair regrowth treatment.

Over-the-counter Treatments

To begin with there are many over-the-counter treatments which are excellent and can reverse balding, many of these simple remedies are DHT blockers that have been clinically proven to work in comprehensives research. There are some good items like Provillus and Nism biofactors, that have proven to replace and halt the balding in many people. For those who have noticed a loss in hair it is better to begin sooner instead of later before the problem gets worse several products are comparatively cheap and most you can find online from reputable companies that stand behind there product.


There are many medications that are helpful with regards to restoring and reversing lost hair, a number of these drugs are applied straight to the scalp while some are injected and some are taken internally. There are a variety of different prescription medications that can be prescribed which may be the correct answer to help you grow your hair back.

Minigrafts and Micrografts

Minigrafts and micrografts will also be choices for you as well when you are looking for a great hair re-growth treatment to begin growing your hair back. A surgeon whose specialty is grafting hair from the bottom of the neckline to the effected area generally does graphs. This process can take a while to do or it can be done in one procedure depending on the nature of your hair loss, it's typically very costly to transplant hair and isn't guaranteed to be 100% effective it's cost is generally out of reach for many hair loss suffers.

Hair Transplants

Hair loss transplants will also be utilized to assist with the re-growth of hair as well. Actually, this is actually the most common type of hair regrowth treatment available for individuals losing their hair. Hair is obtained from the back of your scalp where you are still growing hair and it's put into the areas where you are having a hard time growing your hair. They can be painful, but many times you'll find that they're successful.

Listed are just a few of the hair regrowth treatments available today, it is almost always recommended to begin with the over-the-counter hair regrowth treatments first and then take a look at medications and so on. Usually however a person will not have to go to the expensive grafts and transplants whatsoever since the natural products will usually achieve success if started early.

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