Hair is important with regard to our appearance , we as a rule have about 1 million hair after we reach adulthood and start to develop hair from birth. We can easily lose about 100 hairs each day with a normal adult, and we see the hair fall once we wash or comb it. The majority of people who experience hair shedding start to shed in middle age, and will accelerate, as we age.

With accelerated stress that society is handing to us with increasing work, deadlines and family obligations individuals are taking on increased pressure's of life, meanwhile hair shedding is starting to become a lot more prevalent. There are many factors which will bring about hair shedding like seborrheic alopecia; nervous alopecia etc. but the direct factors and reasons for hair shedding are listed below.

1. Mental factors-- depression and tension particularly in the work place can cause a nervous disorder in the neurological system , which constricts blood flow to blood vessels and capillaries to your remaining hair , when deficiency of blood flow occurs, lack of nutrition and vital blood are cut off this may lead to hair shedding.

2. Dieting variables . Animal food provides issues with regard to the synthesis of excessive male hormone. And the excessive release of male hormone would result in the secretion of sebaceous . Therefore , if fungus existed within the scalp it will breed abundantly. And fungus would encourage the scalp and follicles of hair in the process of absorbing nutrition and discharging metabolite, which leads to chronic inflammation and decrease of development function. Thus leading to hair shedding and hair loss.

3. Improper washing-- If you are struggling with hair loss , the accumulation of scalp sebum could cause negative pressure on the sebum secretion, which reduces the rate of its secretion. In case you over wash with cheap shampoos it may cause drying of the scalp and accelerating hair loss and hair shedding.

4. Other elements . People often easily suffer from hair shedding in summer or in winter. Maybe the dry climate will make an influence to the mental situation of people, or affect the secretion of sweat directly. As we know , people will easily get angry or depressed whether or not they work in the office or stay home in dry or cold weather. And when they are in such mood, they may easily lose their hair.

Many other Reasons-- Some people suffer from hair shedding in the summer and winter, simillar to animals it's been shown men and women who have hair shedding will forfeit more hair over these months; the reason is typically not known nevertheless it could be depending on the fact of climate change and depression. During these months it is proven that men and women can become generally more depressed thus causing stress which can result in hair shedding and hair loss.

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