1. Is It Normal For Your Hair To Shed Excessively?

You will find days when hair shedding might not be anything to be very worried about. It is known by the experts that every individual will lose about 50 to 100 hairs every day. Having said that at certain times of the season it may be normal to get rid of more hair then other times of the year, but this will end on it's own relatively quick. And it's really usually just a few extra hairs, practically nothing dramatic. Sometimes there could be a reaction to the outside environment at the same time, but usually the shedding will stop once you are removed from the environment.

There can be many triggers that induce baldness like Telogen effluvium which can sometimes end on there own without necessity for treatments or high-priced solutions. However if this situation continues on for a long period of time or even worse has become noticeable to the eye, then it can be an ailment called Chronic Telogen Effluvium when the hair loss can happen at a rapid pace and require treatment to eliminate or treat the trigger that's causing the hair to fall out to start with.

2.When Treating The Scalp For Problems, Does It Also Aid In Treating Baldness?

This is my opinion on dealing with what's referred to as burning scalp syndrome or better-said hair loss with scalp issues. Whichever came first the scalp problem or the hairloss if they are occurring all at once they have to be treated together. Think of it like this in order to have healthy hair you must have a healthy scalp to assist the re-growing of hair, you can't let clogged or tight follicles cut-off important nutrients or circulation to the hair that is attempting to re-grow on your head, if there's interference you simply won't become successful in your attempt to grow natural hair.

Also when you are shedding, the mechanism causes inflammation in your scalp, that's the main cause of redness and itching, pain and sorness. If you can't address this the scalp condition, it probably will only worsen and thus feeding upon them selves in the perpetual cycle of hair loss and scalp sickness that continues unless you stop it.

3. Could Physical Or Psychological Alterations (Trigger)Be Leading To My Hair Shedding?

A physical or psychological influence that happens in your daily life may cause some hairloss or shedding. Being pregnant or giving birth, certain illness, stress, starting or stopping of medications, scalp problems, surgical procedures or anesthesia can all cause hair loss or shedding as much as 90 days after the event has taken place, there are many cases like pregnancy or following childbirth the only thing that you can do is to wait and simply let it pass. However in certain cases like hormone imbalances or taking medicines that don't agree with your system or dermatological issues can usually be treated and prevented and can even prevent or slow the hair shedding that you may be having.

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