Summer and autumn is considered to be the best time for weddings. Of course you can choose winter for making one of the most important decisions in your life, but the majority of couples prefer a warm season to a snowy one.
Girls dream about their wedding since early childhood, imaging every detail, color and place, and what about us, guys? Let’s face the truth, a very small amount of man bother about their wedding day until it actually comes. What’s even more, a very few of us think about hairstyling, cloth and all the rest. But if you want to make your bride happy (and we hope you do) you should listen to your beloved one very carefully.
No matter if you want to cater your second half or it is your own desire to look perfectly neat and tidy on your wedding day, we will help you to succeed with this task. Here are three simple but vital tips every groom should be aware of.
# 1 Trim is a must
Even if you have an extremely long hair or super stylish hairstyle you need to trim your strands before the wedding for sake of better look. Ask your barber to cut a little bit of your tips instead of completely change your look. It can cost you a lot of nerves, trust us.
# 2 Avoid color experiments
We respect your unique and extraordinary personality, but wedding is not the best time to show it to the whole world. A groom with acid green or orange hair will definitely outshine the bride, even if she wears the sparkles and greatest gown you can imagine.
# 3 Do a blow dry
Men, usually never style their hair, especially if it is really short. However, sometimes even a buzz cut requires a slight touch of styling remedies. A few drops of hair wax for shiny top (or pomade for matte one) will never spoil the situation. Anyway, it is always better to talk to your barber and discuss all peculiarities of your future image.
Love your hair, your wife, your whole family and enjoy your handsome haircut on the Big day.

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