Hair Transplant for Problems of Hair Loss

When you have lost the hair on your head (or eyebrows or mustache), you feel life has stopped. You feel let down, but there is no need for all that. You see, there is a cure for baldness. It is a hair transplant and now the hair clinics in Delhi offer a guarantee for 25 years! The surgery is expensive if you have lost a lot of hair.

Hair fall treatment

There is more interesting news. For those that are going bald, that is you have not lost much hair, there are methods of rectifying this defect. For instance, many people lost hair from the front of their hairline. This is common and the cure is even more common. You can opt for a series of hair growth formulae.

Different types of treatment

Derma Roller treatment: It is a roller with spikes that we roll on your growth-deficient areas. The roller has growth-stimulating nutrients that enter the scalp. You will need at least two to three treatments before you see growth. Each treatment must be spaced by at least three months to allow for complete absorption of the nutrients.

PRP treatment: This comes recommended for those who have lost hair extensively from the top of the head. Here, we remove protein-rich plasma (PRP) from areas on your head where hair is growing thick. You could also use a friend with lots of hair to donate the PRP. This PRP is injected into the bald regions where you are not having hair. Within the space of 5-6 months, you will see growth of new hair.

Laser treatment: If you have unresponsive hair growth, we rectify this by using a laser beam. This stimulates the blood vessels below the scalp. It removes impediments that stop hair growth. You will have lustrous growth soon. The hair expert at the clinic will check for the best method. It is up to you to choose it or not.

Time to choose a hair transplant

When the above methods do not work, it is time to go in for a hair transplant. You get the Best Hair Transplant in Delhi because Delhi is the center for hair transplants and treatment. Be prepared for a long treatment time. This is because growth takes a couple of months and the next step will occur only when we can assess how good the growth is.

Cost will depend on baldness

Here it is best to mention that the hair transplant will cost as per your hair follicle needs. For a slightly bald head, we need 2000 follicles, while for an almost bald head, we need upward of 5000 hair follicles. These follicles cost 30-40 INR. In each sitting, we can transfer only about 1500 follicles. So, you will need at least 3-4 sittings.

The Derma Roller method is not as expensive as the hair transplant that costs upward of 60,000 INR. The PRP method is recommended for those that have mid-range baldness. It is only if you have not responded to other methods of growing hair, you have to undergo a hair transplant. This will take you 2-3 years because you have sat for three or four sessions.

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