Hair loss is the issue faced by many millennials in Delhi. The reasons behind this situation are many, genetics, stress, diet, and health conditions. But whatever may be the reason, one cannot just sit back and do nothing. People in Delhi are ready to try different hair loss solutions and they are. The most promising hair loss solution people came across is hair transplant.

Hair transplant in Delhi has a major impact on the minds of the people who have experienced it. People having hair loss due to genetics have observed a significant improvement in their self-esteem.

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How it is performed?

Hair transplant is the surgical process of hair restoration. The procedure involves transplanting hair from one part of the scalp to that part where the hairline is receding or it is bald.

Step 1: Marking of the recipient (bald) area and donor area
Step 2: Giving local anaesthesia to the donor area
Step 3: Extracting grafts (making holes around the grafts) using one of the techniques of hair transplant.
Step 4: Harvesting hair grafts using forceps or other tools, one by one.
Step 5: Giving local anaesthesia to the bald area and making incisions.
Step 6: Inserting graft in those incisions

How can you get hair transplant surgery done in Delhi?

As it is a surgical procedure of treating baldness, it is not recommended right away during your first consultation. The dermatologist will look into the state of your hair loss condition then he will decide the treatment.

Eligibility Criteria

The dermatologist will make sure of these three basic criteria:

1. Age should be 25+
Surgeons recommend if hair transplant is the only to go for, then it should be done after the age of 25. The pattern of hair loss is not stable when you are young. After the age of the 25, the pattern stabilizes and the surgeon can determine the number of hair grafts you required to get the desired look.

2. Donor hair
Donor hair is the hair which is transplanted from that part of the scalp which never faces hair loss (donor area). Now, there should be enough donor hair for transplantation. Usually, hair from the back of the scalp is considered as the donor hair. If there is no donor hair then there will be no hair transplantation.

3. Androgenetic Alopecia
It is believed to the genetic condition that affects men and women. Due to this, men face baldness issues even though they are only in their 20s. It starts from the frontal hairline and also affects the crown (very top) area of the scalp.

Next point you should know when you say hair transplant is its techniques.


FUE is the most preferred technique of hair transplant as it has less recovery time, in a week you are ready to get back to your normal routine. In this, hair grafts are extracted from the scalp using a punch tool of 0.7-1.0 mm with incisions made around the hair graft before extraction.

FUT is a commonly known technique. Here, hair grafts are separated from the strip of skin extracted from the back of the scalp.

DHI is the modern technique of performing hair transplant. It is similar to FUE but it extracts hair grafts directly from the scalp without making any prior incisions around the grafts. This is done with the help of a patented DHI implanter pen.

Robotic hair transplant is the technique where a robot is helping the surgeon to extract the grafts proportionally. It makes incisions in a uniform fashion.


Hair transplant often considered to be an expensive affair but it is not. The cost of hair transplant in Delhi starts from ₹30,000 to ₹1,00,000.

Still, if you look deep into this, hair transplant cost in Delhi may vary because of these factors, namely,

    The number of grafts required for transplantation
    Experience of the surgeon
    The technique was chosen for hair transplant
    Clinic to clinic

The success rate of hair transplant in Delhi is between 90-98%. Results of hair transplant procedure depend on the experience of the surgeon also how the patient takes care of himself, before and after the surgery. Even the success rate depends on how you choose the clinic for your hair treatment.

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