Time to spice it up with some chic hair trends. There’s no better opportunity to start off fresh with a new haircut. Some are mentioned below.

Bob with Bangs– If you want to change your look drastically, add a set of blunt bangs with the full fringe. Blunt bob with a few long layers, and let your bangs be slightly layered and longer on the sides.

Curtain Bangs– Curtain bangs are going to be the chic trend in 2018. Need to be convinced? This style is trending in search on Pinterest. This variant fringe style is a basic way out to refresh your look. As curtain bangs are parted down the middle and prolonged, to begin with, it’ll be no sweat to avoid any awkward stages when you choose to grow them out.

Grown out Shag– The return of the shag, and now it’s all grown up going this year. Long, shaggy layers with long, center-parted bangs that are mixed into the remaining of her layers is a cue that you can grow out the cut elegantly as an intentional style.

Keep the Curls– With 2017’s obsession with curly and natural textured hair not going anywhere, 2018 is all about upping the ante and getting those curls bigger and even better. Leave the relaxer at home and embrace your kinks and coils – curly girls this is your year.‘ Avoid brushing textured hair when styling it, if you want to preserve the curl pattern unless you’re deliberately going for an undefined look.

Lengthened pixie– Numerous number of celebs chopped their hair off into pixies. With a pixie cut, you’ll always stand out from the crowd.

Big and Bouncy-The big, bouncy, blow-dry has had a successful return to fashion week shows and celebs everywhere. No longer, ‘ uncool’, sparkling, attractive hair that looks seriously healthy is back in.

Cher Hair– In case you’re searching for an intermission from the majority of the ’90s beauty trends that have made a comeback previous year, super-long Cher hair is your answer. The ’70s-inspired hair length can be easily accomplished by clipping in a set of extensions, but if you want to grow your hair out, don’t skip on routine trims to keep split ends in control.

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