Over the last several years, more and more men have been jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to trimming the jungle below the belt. This phenomenon may have been inspired in part by the adult film industry, by social media, or by some other mysterious force, but whatever the cause, it is becoming increasingly common for men to take the trimmers to the hair around the penis. There are, in fact, many perks to having a hairless penis, but there are also some risks associated with the practice, so men who choose to go bare will need to add some extra steps to their penis care routine.

Benefits of manscaping

The reasons for preferring a shaved penis are as individual as the penis owners, but some of the most common benefits are as follows:

1. The penis smells better. Hair traps all kinds of materials - droplets of sweat or urine, dead skin cells, bacteria, environmental debris, bits of semen, and so on. Left in place in their snug harbor of pubic hair, these substances can add up to a pretty rank smell, especially on a hot day, or in men who are prone to skipping a shower or two. Keeping the hairs trimmed short means there is less surface area for all of these molecules to hang on, thus reducing the unpleasant odor associated with the groin area.

2. The penis is more accessible. While many women do enjoy the natural look, a poll of those who prefer bare to bushy would turn up more females who like to see a clean, well-groomed penis. Men who want to increase their chances of a little oral stimulation might keep this in mind.

3. The penis looks bigger. A shaved penis next to a hairy penis of the same size is likely to look bigger than it’s hirsute cousin, because there is no thatch of fuzz to dwarf its majestic proportions.

4. It’s easier on a partner’s delicate skin. A shaved penis is sleeker and less likely to get in the way, allowing the manhood to glide naturally, without interference.

Risks and after-effects

Removing the hair lends the penis a sleek, well-tended appearance, but it can also cause some discomfort that may discourage a man from deciding to trim the hedges. No matter how a man chooses to go about the hair removal process, the end result is likely to be skin that is tender, red and sore for a while afterward. For men who shave or wax, little red bumps may appear, which can be sore and uncomfortable, not to mention unattractive. Shaving the hair can also leave behind coarse stubble, which can be painful if it rubs against a partner’s skin. Because of this, many men opt for waxing or plucking in order to leave a smooth surface behind.

Post hair removal penis care

For men who choose to go bare, some post-removal skin care can help to decrease the discomfort and the raw, bumpy appearance that may occur as a result of the process. Cool compresses in the area can help to relieve the soreness, and applying an antibacterial cream to the area can help reduce the appearance of inflamed bumps - often the result of infected follicles.

One solution that is ideal for shaved skin is to apply a soothing penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that is enriched with natural emollients such as Shea butter, as well as vitamin A for antibacterial care and vitamin C for rapid healing and tissue growth. A cream like this should not be applied to broken skin or open sores, but for minor abrasions and irritation, it can provide fast relief, as well as minimize the unpleasant after-effects of hair removal.

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