The decorative hairline stainless steel coil is a kind of surface finishing for stainless steel sheets or the goods, giving a mirror-like or glossy surface finishing. The substance already comes with an ideal flat surface which can further be enhanced or polished as plane as a mirror. However, it isn’t applicable for all of the events. So you can suppose its surface to be sticky. The hairline brushed stainless do not basically reflect the light, this seems better on the goods apart from the sheets. For instance, a hair brushed stainless steel table base along with a plated color may look nice but not something extraordinary.

Its surface finishing with the lines is very similar to human hairs, so they are termed as hairline. They are always prominent due to their fine shine surface.

The stainless steel hairline finish offers the option for the designers that it is the right choice for those products requiring far high quality including its stuff, color, and textured coating.

With a specific direction on the stainless steel surface, aluminum and other metals, hairline grinding produces long continuous lines.

Ranging from fine to coarse, there are variations of grain sizes. Also there are many different widths and configurations of the grinding lines on the stainless steel surface. All this as a result provides variety of options for the hairline finish. Moreover, stainless steel can even be combined with the PVD color-coating.

Salient Features:

Its general properties are as following

  • It is found to be significantly Resistant to rust.
  • As it is resistant to many biotic and abiotic environmental factors, it is affordable with its low maintenance.
  • Having a glossy and mirror-like surface, it offers perfect finishing.
  • Another important feature is its dimensional accuracy.

Clients can avail their choices in hairline sheets as a broad spectrum of sizes, thickness, length and dimensions is available in market for buying for fair prices. These hairline sheets are being liked throughout the world.


Hairline stainless steel has a wide range of uses due to its incomparable benefits. You can see the use of hairline stainless steel coils in the following applications.

  • Interior cladding
  • Building facades
  • Architectural cladding
  • Automotive
  • Exhibition
  • Cookware for home and business use
  • Elevator panels
  • Escalators
  • Machinery
  • Automotive

Does Hairline stainless steel rust?

Hairline stainless steel has a grainy texture thus comes with a matte surface. Though, just like other stainless steel, this can also rust over when there is no more protective layer remaining. But it can be clear by using dilute cleaning solutions without damaging the metal. Stainless steel contains other elements too, as nickel and manganese, but chromium is the main element which imparts it resistance against rusting. So until it contains enough chromium in it, the chromium oxide layer will keep protecting the stainless steel making it resistant to rust.

How do you remove rust from hairline stainless steel?

In case it is caught by rust, you can remove it by using a paste prepared from baking soda and water or any cleaner having oxalic acid.

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