There is a big message here to those that will listen. The power of the mind can move mountains when it is focused on a common goal. Haiti has just endured everything from looting to anarchy. HOPE is like a virus. All it takes is a tiny bit of hope. But, it spreads quickly and solidifies resolve.

The amount of lives lost is insurmountable. The idea of mass graves in not a pleasant thought to digest. They had to.

Out of the carnage, there is a continuous flow of good news right along with the bad news. The good news is fueling hope. Despair is waning. A monumental stream of cash flow for rebuilding Haiti and assisting its’ survivors is flowing like a river from governments and donations to the organizations that can make the difference.

The on-the-ground forces and aid groups are organizing, regulating the unrest, and assisting the Haitians to put their lives back together. The message of hope has multiplied by the hands-on approach to helping them.

Even from afar, it is easy to see there has been quite a turnaround in attitude over the past days. When the Presidential Palace collapsed, it symbolized to the people that their government had fallen. The chaos that followed immediately plunged Haiti into anarchy. Since then the government has regrouped, and the immediate dangers have been quelled.

Even though Haiti is poor, the hard life has tempered them into very strong willed people. When the combined will of a population can be focused in a specific direction, they can move mountains. In this case it starts with mountains of rubble.

Adding the energy of the military and the aid groups, hope has emerged and become a paramount force that will carry them forward. Hope will prevail, even when there is nothing else.

HOPE + Will Power (Mental Strength) = GAIN

That is the reason humanity has stood the test of time.

Remember, there are plenty of lessons you can observe here. Some of those may even be more important than this one.
The tenacity of your fellow humans is worth notice.

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