In this article we will look a yoga posture called the Half tortoise. We shall exan=mine the health benefits for this yoga position.

Half Tortoise is often known as Ardha Kurmasana a Yoga position. Due to its resemblance to a tortoise. This yoga posture has been shown to be beneficial to your body in every possible way. By carrying out this position on a regular basis and correctly our bodies can be invigorated. The internal organs get worked out to its maximum with every movement of this yoga move.

The shoulder movements gets improved upon and so does the muscle groups in the corresponding areas. The stomach muscles become toned and grow to be more flexible. The half tortoise stretches the lower portion of the lungs which helps with your breathing. It also will increase the lung capacity which can prove to be crucial in the instance you have difficulty in breathing like with asthma. The force put on your neck and head improves head ache and migraine issues. The half tortoise can be called a stress buster due to its stress relieving potential.

Backache issues can be forgotten. The half tortoise (Ardha Kurmasana) stretches the spinal column which helps to relieve you from any backache or spinal issues. Due to the amount of blood circulation and increased blood flow, your heart can remain fit and healthy. The bending and stretching out will increase the degree of overall flexibility of your arms and hips. This exercise will help you tone and will give great shape to your body. This can affect confidences and well being, which keeps you positive and healthy.

Abdominal related issues can be solved . If you suffer from indigestion or bowel irregularity this yoga posture can help to boost it tremendously. The digestive process will improve with the help of the move. A fresh supply of blood is supplied to every single internal organ. This yoga position helps to relax the brain. Quite a lot of sleeping issues are addressed by carrying out this yoga move. It can be a nice cure for insomnia.

Completing this yoga move will help massage internal organs. This will bring additional zest for your entire body. The half tortoise can be a great treatment for people who are anaemic, as well as diabetic patients. This yoga posture places pressure on the thigh and legs and will make them powerful and tough. This move tones the thigh muscles due to the position in which the asana is accomplished. The spine is elongated by the stretch out offered in the practice of this yoga posture.

In summary the half tortoise yoga position provides many all over body benefits and will help with toning , improved respiration and enhanced blood flow. All these benefits will have you feeling relaxed.

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Chris Barnes BSc

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