Halloween is a season of fun, fantasy and fear. Lend a frightening finish to any Halloween costume this season by choosing from a wide range of special effect Halloween contacts at VisionDirect.com. These theatrical contacts can convincingly transform you into a zombie, vampire, wolf, dragon or psycho killer on the prowl lusting for blood.

Any Halloween costume is incomplete without a matching expression in your eyes. Our Halloween contact lenses have been designed keeping this fact in mind. These color contact lenses are FDA approved which guarantees superior quality and the highest safety standards. There’s a wide range of color contact lenses available to suit the look you want like a movie-inspired character, an animation-inspired one or even a mythological character for Halloween.

If you’re a movie fan you can play the role of your favorite character in every detail, right down to the eyes with the help of our Halloween contact lenses. Choose a lens based on a character from your favorite film, like Interview with the Vampire, The Exorcist, Spiderman, Star Wars, The Crow and more. For those of you who cannot stop admiring the animation characters, we have Halloween contacts to lend your fantasy a real feel. Our Animie & Fantasy collection gives you those cute, disproportionately big eyes based on your favorite anime or manga character. For the real spooky lovers we have exclusively designed the Scleral range of Halloween contact lenses. These colored contact lenses are perfect for creepy themes. This type of lens has a larger diameter that covers all, or most, of the white part of your eyes thus creating an effect that is truly terrifying.

While special effects lenses add a frightening finish to your Halloween costume, some people wear them all year round. You can add some fun to clubs, parties and raves by opting for our exclusive range of color contact lenses. Whatever the reason, these lenses will give you a truly unforgettable look.

Make this Halloween a truly spooky affair with our wide range of Halloween contacts. Let your eyes set the tone for this year’s Halloween party theme. Play your fantasy, live your dark desires and have fun scaring your friends this Halloween season by choosing color contacts designed to create the right effect.

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John Menon combines two interests with aplomb; he is very interested in healthcare issues as well as fashion. In health care he specializes in eye care and specifically with contact lenses. Here he talks about how special effect color contacts and theatrical Halloween contact lenses can add to your Halloween costume ideas.