Halloween is a fun family-friendly holiday that the entire family can take part in including your pets. You would be surprised at the number and variety of Halloween costumes that are available for your dog. The types of Halloween costumes for dogs range from classic, animal, career, characters to sports.

Traditional Costumes for Dogs

There are some traditional costumes associated with Halloween every year. You know that there will be many children that come to your door dressed in these traditional costumes. Examples of classic Halloween costumes include pumpkins, witches, skeletons, vampires, ghosts, devils, angels and clowns. These classic costumes are also available for your dog.

Animal Costumes for Dogs

It is pretty funny to see your dog dressed up as another animal during Halloween. Dinosaurs, pigs, elephants and lions are examples of animals that your dog can dress up as for Halloween. A skunk costume will surely draw some attention.french bulldog Halloween costumes for sale

Career Costumes for Dogs

How about having your dog dress up in a costume that depicts your career? Law enforcement costumes such as a sheriff or police officer are popular. Firefighters and fire chiefs are also good career costumes for dogs. Your dog can also be a doctor or surgeon. How ironic is it to dress up your dog as a veterinarian?

Character Costumes for Dogs

You can dress up your dog as your favorite book, cartoon, movie or television character. Superheroes are always Halloween favorites, so why not dress up your dog as Superman, Spiderman, Batman or the Joker. Star Wars is one of the most famous movies of all times. Who is your favorite Star Wars character- Darth Vader, Yoda or Princess Leia. Shrek is an all-time favorite among children. If you like cartoons, you could dress up your dog as the Tasmanian Devil.

Sports Costumes for Dogs

If you are an avid sports fan, the idea of dressing up your dog in a sports costume is very appealing. You can dress up your dog as a baseball, football or basketball player. If you have a favorite college or professional team, you can dress your dog up in their team colors or jerseys.

Halloween is just as exciting for your dog as your children. Remember that there are a variety of costumes to choose from. You can dress your dog in the same type of costume as other members of your family or in a complementary one.

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