In every business, whether small or big ones, promotions and advertising play very important roles. These guarantee maximum exposure, great product and business name recall as well as brand management. There are many ways to promote a business such as airing ads on the television and radio stations, through posters, banners, streamers, and many others. Whatever method the company decides to use for publicizing itself and its products, it should always be kept within a certain budget and the method should really be effective. One of the cheapest ways of promoting a business that consumers would truly appreciate is by using giveaways that handmade pens would contain your company name, logo and contact details. That way, they will not just know about your business but they could use the items which they had received from you. Some of the best items to distribute for promoting your business are pens such as Parker style pens and handcrafted wood fountain pens.

What's good about pens is that everyone uses it. These are necessary tools which people need to use everyday and they will work within your budget. When the pens have high quality, people will not throw them away even after they run out of ink. There are types of pens that have fine inks that can produce quality handwriting output and most of these are refillable. These are the ones worth keeping especially when they are made of quality materials. The tendency here is that they will not just consume the pen at one time but would refill them and use them again and again because they are valuable. Just imagine your business name is engraved on the pens - don't you think that could guarantee brand exposure and name recall?

Promotional pens have been one of the most popular ways of promoting a business. This method of giving them away during Christmas season, let's say, has been passed down from generation to generation. This tradition will never fold as long as pens are being used throughout the world. Christmas is not just the season when pens can be given away. Most companies distribute them in times of different events, gatherings and sometimes, they are given to job applicants as a way of appreciating them for their efforts for submitting an application with the company. Giving them away in whatever form, season or occasion is a very good way of saying "thank you" to people.

Custom wood pens are very advisable as giveaway items. They are very handy and are used in most business establishments. Being typically slim, they are easy to handle and could provide an easy grip for the user. Give them as standalone pieces or sets - that is all up to you. Custom pen sets may vary in colors and there are also packages which already have matching custom pencils included in the set. They make great giveaway items. These are the types which one can give or receive.

Meanwhile, handcrafted wooden pens are also highly appreciated because they are unique. These are usually carved from special types of wood, after all. Because they are handcrafted, they can also serve as gifts for special occasions and items for collectors. The person who would receive this type of pen as something promotional will not say "it's just a pen" but would actually be impressed that he got a beautiful piece of art.

Parker pens never go out of style. People especially businessmen know about them very well. In fact, owning a Parker style pen has become quite of a status. If your business wants to target the well-off and the successful entrepreneurs, why not give them Parker style pens as your way of promotion? These executives will surely opt to keep your pens on their tables.

Given these promising features, giving and receiving handcrafted wooden pens is truly something every marketer should keep in mind. Because when they do, their businesses are sure to grow.

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