I was asked this general question last week by a loyal reader. It was so general that at the time I decided not to answer until I had answered more important questions. But after some thought. I believe the question to be important to the reader, as well as to other readers.

There are so many situations one could find themself in regarding the police that I couldn't possibly address them all. But I will attempt to answer this question in a general, generic and abstract way.

Most encounters with a law enforcement officer are concerning some non-serious manner. Occasionally, it may be serious. But also keep this in mind: a small and seemingly simple situation can escalate to something serious. This is why I advise anyone who is stopped or questioned by the police to take it seriously. This authority can wreak havoc with your life.

It is not your job to help him convict you. It is not your job to PROVE your innocence. He must prove it. That's a constitutional requirement. Even if you're guilty, he or rather the district attorneys' office must prove it. I'm not trying to help a guilty person get away with anything, but the law is clear: better to let one guilty person go than convict one innocent person unfairly.

Now, when you're questioned by the police or have to engage him in any matter, always remember to speak softly and be courteous. Be firm, but remember, every comment you make will be used against you. I never understood why they always said, 'your comments CAN be used against you". Trust me, they WILL be used against you.

Try not to give him anything voluntarily. If you decide to answer, only answer what you were asked. The only exception that I can think of off the top of my head is if your voluntary statement is that of a witness to a crime. Then by all means assist the police. it's your civic duty. Just don't get caught up and get yourself in any trouble.

Here's the major rule and thought that should quickly enter your mind: Am I being questioned as a witness or as a potential suspect? The answer to this question should regulate how much you say or don't say. Always remember to protect yourself FIRST!

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