We know what is goiter and about excessive growth or dwarfism. What most of us are not aware is that there is gland in the body that handles this. Have you heard of minimally invasive parathyroid surgery? This is a surgery that takes cares of disorders in the parathyroid and has given the field of endocrinology another discovery since 1925. When there is problem with the parathyroid, the only thing that would help is a surgery and not medication. This medical procedure for parathyroid is a surgery that would easily handle a patient’s problem with the thyroid. This is surgery that deals with general anesthesia to help a patient pass through the minimum invasive parathyroid surgery with comfort. This surgery involves the use of technology of laparoscopic devices and a remote control which takes care of the laparoscopic devices through the body cavity. This is advancement in medical field and always reduces the number of days a person sends in the hospital. For parathyroid to be operated successfully, this procedure is very necessary as it would reduce the amount of incision that would be done on the body giving the patient a healing acceleration. It means less cutting is involved in the body when this is the option that is presented to the patient.

Parathyroid is a gland in the body which is endocrine glands that are located in the neck. They are small in nature like rice grains and help the body in producing hormones. In the human body, there glands are four in number and it is these glands that control the level of calcium in the bone and body. The glands that are near to the head are the superior parathyroid while the lower ones are called inferior parathyroid glands. These glands are referred to as ‘Para’ because they are closer to the thyroids. The nervous system cannot function well without these glands because it is what handles the level of the blood calcium. It was Richard Owen in 1850 who discovered these glands in Indian Rhinoceros while for the humans, it was Viktor Sandstorm who discovered them in 1880. Fishes do not have these glands but have ultimobranchial glands that its calcium level.

Parathyroid surgery should be carried after a pre-operative scan must have been carried out on the patient. Before a patient can go for this operation there should be enough information that would help the patient survive the procedure and also know the options that are available to him or her. There are so many methods that surgeons use in correcting this disorder. A patient should be aware of the merit and disadvantages of each methods so that there would an opportunity to choose from the various surgery procedures. There is the traditional open parathyroidectomy which is very old and is done with the aid of general anesthetic. There are also modern methods that have a better procedure than this old method.

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