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When you lose a loved one, it's sometimes hard to understand why that person had to go or if you did something to speed up the process of death. While these thoughts should not be ones in your head, it's sometimes hard to think anything else, especially if the person was sick for a long time. There are a few steps that you can take to handle the loss of a loved one while carrying on the memory of that special person.


One of the things that people around you will want you to do is talk about the person and the death. This is something goof to do for the healing process, but it should only be done when you're ready to talk. It might take months or years for you to begin to open up to others about the death of the person in your life, but it's a way to handle the grieving process. Click here to learn more about the proper background a professional therapist should have in order to help you best.

Be Vulnerable

Some people might think that crying after months have gone by is wrong and that you should move on with your life, but that's not true for everyone. Allow yourself to grieve in your own way. Cry when you need to, and if it means being vulnerable to others, don’t be afraid to stretch yourself and give others a viewpoint of your feelings. If you bottle everything inside, it can do more damage to the mind than any good.

Avoid Drugs And Alcohol

Although it might be tempting to drown your pain in a glass of alcohol or another kind of drug, it's not the best way to handle the loss. The person you lost wouldn't want you to do that to your body, and it can only make you feel worse and possibly end up costing your own life. Pick up a phone, go see a friend, or do anything else besides getting involved with drinking and drugs that only quell the pain temporarily.

Stay Busy

Your loved one would want you to go on with your life. Visit somewhere you've never been. Take up a hobby, or volunteer for a group that was close to your loved one. If you stay busy, then you'll find that it takes your mind off of the loss.

Losing someone special can be the most devastating thing that you go through in life. You might not know how to handle the loss, but if you talk to family and friends, then you'll get through in due time. Stay busy, and focus on the happy memories that you shared instead of the sadness of the loss.

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