Men and women are forever hooking up, getting together and forming relationships. Just as frequently, those relationships break up. Most breakups, no matter how friendly, involve significant pain. Men in particular have a harder time dealing with breakups. Perhaps because they've been taught from birth how to handle their emotions, women actually deal with the pain of a breakup better than men. If you are suffering from a breakup right now, then simply learn a few tips which can help you in dealing with your break up in a much better way.

Tip One: Cry if you want to

Don't imagine that crying makes you less of a man - all it does is prove you're human. Assuming you really cared for this girl, and were committed to the relationship you shared with her, it's only natural that the pain will take some time to heal. Crying in public places is unfitting, but it's absolutely fine to cry in private, at home. The fact is that the relationship's really over - grieving will help you accept that fact and move on with your life.

Tip Two: It's over - why worry about whose fault it is?

At this point, what does it matter whose fault it is? The relationship's finished and nothing you can do is going to resurrect it - so don't burden yourself with anything that's going to slow down your getting on with your life. This is the time when you need to lover your being more so that you don’t shatter more. You need not to blame neither punish yourself because of someone who doesn't even care about you. The pain you're going through now is much like an illness - and when you're fighting it off, you don't go out of your way to acquire another. It is alright to feel low and depressed but try to think positive rather than negative in such situations. You know that if you smile at people, even strangers, invariably they'll smile back. Give it a shot - it'll help boost your own emotional health.

Tip Three: There's nothing wrong with accepting help

We all have support groups. They're usually not formal, with set meeting times. They're our family and friends, and they're there to give all the support and help you need. Even if you don’t want to share with them its good to just stay in their company and feel loved. This would make you feel that you have others and you would not feel lonely. Get involved with your friends and do things which you enjoy the most. You can even ask your friends to clear out the room if it has got gifts from her hanging on the wall or in the drawer.

Break ups can be a little complicated to handle but in order to find the true companion you would have to pass through these paths. You can always make a difference as long as you remember to think and act positively. As soon as you get over the split, you can get on with your life. There's someone waiting for you out there, but you won't be ready to meet her until you've dealt with the breakup.

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Steve Steiner enjoys helping men save their relationships and manage the common problems they encounter as they relate and connect with women.

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