You've probably heard mixed things about Vietnam and wondered if they are true or not. Having a lot to offer tourists, both in culture, good foods, amazing people and breathtaking landscapes, Vietnam makes itself a quite overwhelming destination for first-timer visitors. Here, you are lucky to have almost everything you want to temporarily leave the hustle and bustle of real life. That’s why Vietnam is always highlighted in the bucket list of top Southeast Asia travel hot-spots.

If you are planning for the very first trip to this stunning land, take a look at our complete guide with the top 5 epic things to do in Vietnam. We ensure that our travel experience will absolutely help you out for an easier journey and the most useful tips. Here we go!
Explore exquisite cuisines in Hanoi
Have you long been a loyal fan of Vietnamese food? If yes, Hanoi must be where you start your wonderful Vietnam trip. As a paradise for all the gourmets, you will surely be served with the best delicacies at very budget-friendly prices.

Located in the crowded capital city of Vietnam, tourists can easily find multiple restaurants and get anything you want for your stomach treat. Taking your food fantasy to Hanoi, you will fall right into the charm of unique and tasty cuisines. Find a local person to take your taste along with the most delicious meals here. Yes, you will surely love it!

Street Food Walking Tours in Hanoi, why not?

Enjoy every little moment in Hanoi, the hustle and bustle capital city of Vietnam since they will be full of joy and unforgettable memories. There is nothing as much interesting as food tours combined with walking around the city. Personally, I love it a lot. From “Bun cha” to “Grilled chopped fish”, they will never break your bank.
Traverse the way the locals do. While walking around well-known destinations in Hanoi like The Old Quarter or St. Joseph’s Cathedral, don’t forget to stop and take some wonderful pics. Ancient space here will make your improvised shots the best travel collection. Trust me!
If you are also curious about how Vietnamese street food tastes, a local fellow-traveler will be helpful with great walking tours.

Discover Vegetarian Food in Hanoi

Welcome to the paradise of vegetarians! You may not believe it, but finding animal-free restaurants in Vietnam, especially Hanoi would just be a snap. It is not so hard to find vegetarian food in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.
The word Vegetarian is “An chay” in Vietnamese. And, hospitable street food sellers will satisfy all your needs for your food. Feel free to tell them if you don’t want chicken on your Banh Mi. Or else, it will be not funny at all. Gestures and hand signals work well even in case you don’t know any Vietnamese. Try it out!

Beach tours to Central Vietnam on a tractor

Hooray! Beach tours absolutely are one of the most epic things to do in Vietnam. It may be the weirdest but most adventurous thing to do of your Vietnam tour. This is not for those who are interested in relaxing tours since this will be a long, tired but super awesome journey. Heading to the North of the Mui Dinh dunes on our motorbike along the coastline, we will easily rent a tractor there to the glamorous beach through the Vietnamese dessert.
Make sure to immerse yourself in turquoise waters, swaying coconut palms, shiny golden sand and taste Vietnamese local food on a small food shop nearby. If money doesn’t matter, book the resort near the beach so that you can witness gorgeous sunsets there. Yeah, that will be a great idea!

Make your trip unique

Wondering if what will be the next on the list of things to do in Vietnam? Well, when it comes to the ultimate destinations to visit in Vietnam, they usually remind you of Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon,...Cool! But, going off the beaten track is also amazing, especially when you have plenty of time for discovery. Some great recommendations for you are Kon Tum or the borders triangle area between Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Absolutely, there is so much to expect there. Enjoy your time here!

Go for Hanoi-Saigon motorbike tours

That must sound crazy, but you may love it! Cruising from Hanoi to Saigon on a motorbike is such a wonderful experience for riders both domestic and international ones. Have a slice of paradise to the world-famous Ho Chi Minh Road. It will be one of the most worth-trying things to do ever!

Note: It is better to plan your trip for at least 3 weeks. You can rent a bike or book Vietnam motorbike tours of a prestigious travel agency. During the route, make sure that you get enough health condition and drive within the allowed speed (about 60 km/h). Ask the locals if you have any question, they are happy and willing to help.

Do a spectacular Hai Van Pass motorbike ride

Welcome thrill-seekers to this epic trip along one of the World’s Best Coastal Roads. Located between Hue and Hoi An, Hai Van pass is known as the “ribbon of perfection”. It used to be one of the most dangerous and challenging roads in the world, but now it is much easier to enjoy interesting historical sites here. Crossing through small local villages, back onto incredible coastal roads are amazing. Have a stress-free day while relaxing on impressive natural beauty by taking a Hai Van Pass motorbike tour. How perfect it is!

Hanoi tour: The Verdict

Well, yeah, so just like other destinations, you must be well prepared with knowledge of your plan to Hanoi, the most Asian city in the world. Your trip will be surely rewarded with romantics, timeless charm, and unique customs.

Are you interested in my top 5 things to do in Hanoi? If yes, let me know in the comment section. Also, don’t mind giving us some questions, we will answer it immediately.

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