A well governed appetite is the greater part of liberty. ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Our appetites come from an inner urge that tells us to enjoy. Food brings enjoyment. So do lots of other things, but in our world today, food seems to have ascended to the priority when it comes to fulfilling our urge for enjoyment. You can use the following tricks, tips and techniques for curbing your appetite to stay in balance.

Eat a high protein breakfast. Protein will give you energy that will last for many hours, and in some University studies, eating a high protein breakfast allowed the dieters to eat fewer calories throughout the day.

Take the stairs. Keep tempting foods downstairs in a basement storage or upstairs in a small fridge. Often, the idea of walking upstairs or downstairs helps you to make a wiser choice.

Get plenty of sleep. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your hormones will fluctuate inordinately and will affect your appetite, making it harder to satisfy. Get some sleep.

Smell something pleasant. Here’s an interesting scientific discovery: when scientists scanned people eating different foods, they discovered they reacted the same way to a pleasant aroma as they did to fat in their mouths. Sniff something wonderful!

Use a new, smaller plate. And no heaping it up. Eat the smaller amount and sit with it for a moment. You’ll be surprised at how satisfied you feel. This is a great tip for curbing your appetite. And when you’re at a restaurant, pack half the meal to take home before you begin to eat the rest.

Tell a story. When your food arrives, let your friends begin to eat while you entertain them with a fabulous story. Once they’ve finished eating, you quit too.

Sit down. Make even snack times a formal occasion. Sit down, use a plate and utensils. You’ll either opt out, or if you do eat the snack, you’ll want less at the next large meal.

Super soup. Begin each lunch or dinner with a small cup of soup. It automatically satiates your appetite, and will decrease the amount of calories during your meal.

Limit your choices. When you see too large of a variety of choices, you want to try more things. An example of this is a smorgasbord. You know what I mean. Keep it more simple.

You can truly enjoy yourself, enjoy a wide variety of foods and flavors without overeating. Keep the idea of enjoyment alive as you eat, and you’ll be curbing your appetite and becoming satisfied a lot sooner than you did in the past.

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