Hanuman Yantra is the representation of Lord Hanuman. In Hindu Mythology, Lord Hanuman has been personified as the supreme symbol of strength, courage, and devotion. He is believed to be the reincarnation of Lord Shiva, one of the Hindu trinity of Lords. Besides that, he is prominently known for his true and intense devotion for Lord Ram. Those who put in devoted worships in his admiration get conferred with authority and vigor. Also, they attain immense courage and strength. Hanuman Yantra is one effective and sacred tool with which a devotee can communicate his love and admiration for Lord Hanuman. Possessing this Yantra and offering devoted worships to it is in no way less than offering worships to the personified form of Lord Hanuman. Lord gets pleased with such devotes and pour in his immense blessings over them.

Nullifying Malefic Influence of Mars
Besides pouring in the blessings of Lord Hanuman, this Yantra is also comprised of divine powers with which it can influence the way the astrological planet of Mars is influencing one’s life. Mars is considered to be one of the most influential of all the planets, in particularly on the relationship related aspects of one’s life. In case, where Mars is residing in either weak or malefic position in horoscope, adverse influences can be sensed in relationships. However, those influences can be nullified by possession and worship of this Yantra.

Other Benefits
If you are a businessman or a trader, then this Yantra is meant for you. It can derive you unprecedented growth and success in your segment. It is also a favorite among healers, as this Yantra strengthens their healing skills to deal more effectively with different sort of psychological and physical health problems. If you find yourself to be amidst lots of rivalries and foes, then this Yantra can confer you with strength and courage enough to face and fight them all, and eventually conquer them.

Using It in the Right Way
Before getting started with the process of establishing it or worshipping it, ensure to bring yourself in absolute pure state. It requires you to not only shed all your physical impurities, but mental impurities as well. Feel yourself light at your heart and soul, before commencing the process. Select a place where you can carry out the entire process with concentration and without disturbance. Keep yourself contained with all the required ingredients of the process, well in advance.

Sit down with your face directed to East direction. Light as many incense sticks and ghee lamps as you want in front of the altar. Offer fresh flowers and fruits to the altar. Open Hanuman Yantra and place it beside the idol or image of Lord Hanuman and your Isht Lord. With the help of any leaf taken from any tree, sprinkle some sacred water first on yourself and then on the Yantra. In the end, conclude the process by chanting the associated Mantra of 'Om Hum Hanumate Rudratamkaya Hoom Phat’ for at least 108 times. Before concluding the process completely, offer devoted worships to Hanuman Yantra< lord Hanuman, and your Isht Lord, and pray to them for granting their blessings over you.

More Worship, Better Results
A more rigorous and regular worship will yield more quick and more intense results. Astrology precisely states hat quality and quantity of results you attain from this Yantra is directly proportional to the quality and quantity of worship you put in it. If you aspire for too intense and too quick results, we recommend you to adopt Hanuman Sadhan. It is a 40 day period of regular, rigorous, and devoted worship of Lord Hanuman, during which one has to strictly abide by the principles of ‘Barahmcharya’. On every Tuesday falling during that period, one should observe fast. One can attain extraordinary favorable results, if one does so effectively.

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