Achieving happiness and health is not as difficult as it seems.

You can achieve that much sought after dream of true happiness and health for yourself and the ones you love.

Now this is sustainable happiness not that temporary happiness that all can get.

Here are sound facts and advice in finding happiness and health.


Recent medical studies have shown that you can lower your risk to cardiovascular diseases by taking annual vacations.

Taking annual or regular breaks from your work have shown that this decreases cardiovascular risk by as much as 30%!

But there is now a discovery of some new and powerful ‘medication’ that will assist in you living longer, improve your mindset, and your overall quality of life.

It is actually free and you are also guaranteed not to suffer any side effects whatsoever.

It has been referred to as —Healthy living- Healthy Wellness – Prevention.

The major components that all the above host are simply—Happiness and Health- inseparable elements that go hand in hand and have a direct effect on each other.

Scientific studies have indicated that people who are happier and have a greater satisfaction levels have reported being healthier by an average of 50%.

These health and fitness levels seem to be maintained for longer – where even after two years they still seem to maintain good levels of health.

Are you interested in finding out more? Then please read on!


Happiness cannot be controlled like—anger—a large part of your happiness is dependent on your genetic makeup.

Studies show that about 50% of our happiness is determined by heredity.

Major milestones in our life—such as the birth of a child or a new job or marriage—account for 10% of your happiness.

That leaves 40% of our total happiness being under our conscious control through our thoughts and actions.

Some have said that buying a new car or buying a new house means – Voila, instant Happiness!

But it does not work that way.

These are just palliative solutions.

What you truly need are long term solutions.

“Money cannot buy happiness” is an age old wisdom that still holds true today.

Money can do wonders for the impoverished but when all your basic needs are met then what next?

Well let me share a secret—how we spend our hard earned money is the key to sustainable happiness.

Spending your money and sharing your joy and blessings with others is real happiness.

Going on a vacation with friends and loved ones will give you true happiness.

This is much better than just splurging on expensive items for yourself.


You can maintain or increase the 40% happiness level that you have daily by doing these small things:

1. Listen to music or enjoy your favorite dishes moderately- small simple things that will increase your daily level of happiness.

2. “Laughter is the best medicine”—laugh, enjoy comedy and look at the sunny side of life.

3. Be grateful, say thank you often, and write small thank you notes to our friends and colleagues.

4. Moreover, make a list of all the stuff in your life that you must be grateful for – this does wonders for your life satisfaction level.

5.Enjoy nature—take outdoor walks in the park or countryside, listening to the birds singing, and taking in the fresh outdoor air.

6. Take a short power nap and/or a relaxing massage—they will do amazing things to your health.

7.Think of others, not only of other people around you but all life—you must see that they all aspire for happiness just as much as you do.

8. And Think Positive! See the good in all and never think negatively of others and yourself.

So simply put… doing some simple but effective things everyday of your life will set you well on the road to attaining true and long-lasting happiness and health.

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We are all searching for ways to enhance our lives. To enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying life, happiness and health play a vital part to you achieving this. Discover proven ways to help you realize your dream of a richer, more contented life quicker and easier.