While money can give someone the power to buy most things in life, it is often said that what it can buy is happiness. It then won’t matter how much money someone has, as the size of their ‘bank account’ won’t make any difference.

And while being happy is something that most people want to experience, it doesn’t mean that it everyone is going to have the same meaning. But it can include the following: having good relationships with others; being healthy; having a supportive family, feeling emotionally whole and living a meaningful life.


Now, if someone doesn’t have relationships with others that fulfilling, it is going to have a negative affect on them. And this could relate to someone who has plenty of money or to someone who has very little.

Their financial situation is not the same and yet they are in the same position. It could then be said that money has no bearing as to whether one has meaningful relationships with others or not.

What one could do is try to buy other peoples friendship and this is not something one could do if they didn’t have much money. Having friends is then made possible through having money. But these are not going to be authentic relationships; as the other people are only around for the money and not for the person.


It is often said that one’s health is the most important thing they have. And this is because one’s body is the vehicle they travel through life in and when this is not running smoothly, other areas of their life are inevitably going to follow suit.

Having health problems is going to inhibit one’s ability to enjoy life. So while some people won’t have money, at least they have their health. Whereas, although one could money, if they are not in good shape physically it might not matter.


While someone can choose their friends, the same can’t be said for their family. And when one has a family that is supportive and loving, it is going to make their life so much easier than if the opposite was the case.

Some people say that their family are the most important people in their life and nothing else matters. It then doesn’t matter if one has money as long as they have their family. Now, just because one does have money, it doesn’t mean that they have a family or that they get on with their family.


When one feels emotionally together it is going to be easier for them to enjoy life. If they don’t feel good on the inside, it might not matter what is going externally or what they attain.

One could travel all over the world and experience everything the planet has to offer, but still feel that something is missing. So just because someone has money, it doesn’t mean that they are going to be able to experience inner peace and contentment.

And this is often seen in the lives of the rich and famous that end up going to a clinic in order to deal with their drug addictions. Money is no object and yet, they are still unable to change how they feel in ways that are healthy.


Without one having a sense of purpose and a reason to live, it is going to be hard for them to get out of bed in the morning. And if they do get out of bed, they are unlikely to feel inspired and full of life.

Anyone can have a sense of purpose, regardless of how much money they have; with this being an inner choice and not something that can be given to them by anyone else. Having money could allow one to try different things and to travel the world for instance, but it doesn’t mean that they will feel that their life has any kind of purpose


So while having money won’t necessarily make someone’s life better per se; what it will do is give them more options in life. And as most things on this planet are attained through the exchange of money, it is clear that having it will have numerous advantages.

Not only will one be able to attain things through having money, they will also be able to invest in themselves. It is then not a case of one either being by themselves or buying friends, as they will be able pay for the coaching, therapy or healing that they need in order for them to realise that they can be liked for who they are.

This is just one example, but what it shows is that having money makes it possible for one to receive what they need to receive in order to grow. It is then not just about buying’ things; it is about one receiving what they need to develop themselves.


There are then two parts: having money is one part and the other part is awareness. As was mentioned above, there are plenty of people who have money and yet are unable to get the help they need to live a fulfilling life.

Experiencing relationships that are unfulfilling or ending up in a clinic for drug addiction are two examples. If along with the money that one has, they were aware of the help that was available to them, it would allow them to experience more happiness in life.


Just because one has money and they are buying what they think will make them happy, it doesn’t mean they will be happy. And this could be because they are looking in the wrong places and to the wrong things.

What might be better is for them to look within and to see what needs their attention within. When this part of them is looked at and understood, it will be a lot easier for one to be happy in life.

So if one uses money to develop their inner world, they are going to increase their chances of experiencing happiness in the outer world.

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