My friends and I have been discussing a common experience that we all feel better when we are helping others and we all feel drained when we are focused on what we do not have. The golden rule has been circulating for ages although it is something we do not think about on a regular basis so I wanted to bring it up. I am not here to shove morality down your throats, I simply want to offer the opportunity to address our thought process which is so easily overlooked and forgotten.
When we wake up, we are conditioned to go on autopilot. Must brush teeth, must pack lunch, must must must.... What I do when I first wake up is set the course for my day with a specific intention. Usually it's something like this: "Today is amazing and exciting, it is an extraordinary day. I have a strong positive energy that helps people. I am humble and actively listening to what's going on in other people's lives. I am meeting the people and finding the information to fulfill my dreams. I am surrounded by kind people."
This seemingly small adjustment sets our direction for the day and most importantly our expectations and attitude. It helps us focus on positive growth instead of habitual negative patterns of thought. It also keeps us focused on the present moment and not backtracking about things in our heads. People can sense when you are judging them or when you have their best intentions at hand. I like to stop myself throughout the day and ask, what is my intention right now? Am I looking for adoration or I am adoring others?
When we transfer our energy to another human being, we can all agree it is satisfying. Whether it be trying to help a friend find a job, offering to watch their dogs, listening to them without cutting them off, complimenting someone, or supporting someone in their goals, all of these actions are truly going to fuel you and improve your well being. Deepak Chopra talks about how instead of wanting the right job or relationship to be happy, we have to be happy first and then those other things will come to us. We are thinking inside out people!
How do we be happy with where we are? I start by listing 12 things I'm grateful for in my mind. Then I realize, I am not my situation, my bills, my job, I am just a person. At every moment, we can choose what we want to focus on and the more we choose to focus our energy on positive emotions, the more people will feel comfortable around us and trust us.
Another thing that is important is to pay attention to how we view ourselves. Do you see yourself as an honorable and well rounded person who is achieving their goals and able to give good advice? Or do you see yourself as shy and struggling. Remember our ideas affect our behavior so we have to feed ourselves with positive affirmations like: " I am capable, I am strong, I am humble, I am happy."

Author's Bio: 

I have a Bachelor's in Environmental Studies and have studied holistic health by taking many classes, reading, and fostering relationships with people in the field. I have worked for alternative health companies on both coasts and advised people on preventive eating and lifestyle choices. I practice yoga and eat a mostly raw diet. I was healed by alternative methods twice in my life which is why I am so passionate about sharing the benefits and guiding people in their process. At the age of 14 my arm went numb and I developed chronic back pain which lasted two and a half years without relief. My kind family did everything they could to try to relieve my pain but after trying every type of doctor and procedure, the pain was no better. I was given a myriad of diagnosis and finally took a whole stack of medical records to a group of doctors who are highly esteemed. They put their hands up and said I would probably be in pain for the rest of my life, unable to lift things or bear the weight of childbirth. My sister happened to be in a book store and picked up Dr. John E. Sarno's book called Healing Back Pain: The Mind Body Connection. Two weeks later after applying the mental techniques of his book, I had retrained my brain not to feel back pain and have not experienced back pain for 10 years. My second alternative healing happened 5 years ago when I developed severe health problems for 9 months. I had severe pain in my stomach, my stomach was swollen and I experienced acid reflux, low energy, anxiety, intestinal bleeding, nausea and forgetfulness. I found out that I needed to eliminate gluten from my diet and all the symptoms disappeared. I empathize with people who do not feel well, having experienced chronic sickness. I have read many books on alternative healing by well reputed authors such as Deepak Chopra, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Bruce Lipton, David Peat, Dr.Norman Cousins, Dr. Gabriel Cousins, Don Miguel Ruiz, Masaru Emoto, and many others. I have helped many people understand the science of the mind as well as preventive health options and they have told me their lives have been forever changed for the better. I do not claim to be a doctor and if you have a serious physical condition I suggest you seek medical advice in addition to alternative healing options to rule out anything that needs immediate attention. I am an artist and create healing artwork for people. I also have studied books on ancient cultures, reincarnation, and the journey of the soul. When Jesus spoke of the peace that passes all understanding, he was touching on the interconnectedness of all things, the energy we are a part of, and the eternal nature of the soul. I live minimalistic and do not own many things because I they offer no satisfaction compared to the joy of helping another. I am here to help people learn how to be grateful, smile more, and complain less. People always ask me why I am always smiling, I want to share my joy with others.

I am grateful to share my experience and knowledge with you and mostly I am here to listen and provide feedback.