In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can often get dragged down by demands and stressors that leave us in bad moods and negative mindsets. Though these emotional states can seem small and temporary, they can often have lasting effects in whatever environment you happen to be in at the time; be it work or home. Consider this: if a co-worker was in a bad mood all the time, would you want to spend time with them at work or otherwise? Home-style remedies are often effective ways of relieving this stress, and there are some websites that offer effective supplements to a similar effect, such as Swisse Multivitamins Online from Mr Vitamins. We have compiled a short list of six simple ways to boost your mood, to help fight off those bouts of bad feelings brought about by bothersome brusque brutes.

Clearing out the area

Sometimes a bad mood can come about from something as simple as a messy environment. It sounds like something your mum would’ve told you to make you clean your room, but it does wonders for your mental state to declutter, and clear up a space you spend a lot of time in. This could be your work area, your bedroom, or just a common area of your house. For an added effect, open some windows or doors and let fresh air come in. Often without realizing it, we leave our offices and houses closed up for months at a time, with the only fresh air coming from the front door being open as someone enters or exits. A buildup of dust and dirt in the air can go unnoticed, but the moment you let a breeze roll through you will feel an immediate improvement.

Go for a Walk

When you’re cooped up inside all day, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain a positive outlook, especially if your office or house has little natural light. A walk outside can help blood flow return to your legs and feet, and gets your muscles working to relieve some stress-related soreness. This is also a good way to help creativity, as it takes the mind off the task at hand and exposes it to all sorts of different stimuli, which can allow a different approach to a stubborn problem.

Listen to Music

Music has a strange way of affecting us, and can alter our mood more effectively than many other things. A good mood can be spoiled by a sad or otherwise ill-fitting song, but just the same way, an uplifting or inspirational song can help combat a bad mood. Try stopping what you’re doing for a moment and focusing on a favourite song, not doing anything else in the process. You might be surprised at the results.

Drink Water

Sometimes a “low energy” day can be as simple to solve as drinking a few more glasses of water per day than you would otherwise drink. Bad moods can often be attributed to slight dehydration, and waiting until you are actively thirsty enough to drink water won’t fully rehydrate you.

Eat Healthily

As with drinking more water, eating healthier foods seems like a fairly straightforward solution to regular bouts of negativity. However, it does have a drastic effect on increasing your energy levels, which can, in turn, bring your mood up. Going to work in the morning with high energy levels will guarantee a better start to the day.


When something makes us laugh or smile, we feel a rush of endorphins in our brains, which makes us feel good. This process also works in reverse, so if you are feeling down, try a real grin. If you smile with your all your usual muscles, not just your mouth but your cheeks as well- a real smile- the same neural pathways align in your brain to allow the same rush of endorphins. It works a treat as a quick pick-me-up.

In conclusion, the above techniques can be used individually, or together, to great effect in the pursuit of quickly finding yourself in a better mood, and the more you do them, the more automatic they become.

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Caitylin Bell is an independent blogger and writer who loves to contribute thoughtful content on various prestigious platforms. She loves to travel and learn about new culture, people and their food.