Have you invested time into creating a clear vision for the future? Until you do this your life will continue to fly past in a blur of dissatisfaction, where you continue to see everything in your life, as being in your way. You will live in a place where you are constantly looking for ways to get through your day, week or month. When you have a clear vision or mission, everything you look at changes, you no longer see everything as being in your way; you see the same events as crucial milestones on your way to living the life of your dreams. You now look at every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow and you see everything as an integral part of your success journey. The same event that you previously would have seen as being in your way now evolves into a developmental milestone on your way to the life of your dreams.
This shift helps you to be happy and content with what you have, while you grow into the type of person you need to be, to attract the success you desire. Happiness is not an accident, or something you hope will show up if certain external factors are present, nor is it something you wish for, it is something you are. Expect, accept and design happiness and joy into every facet of your life. When you have a desire to be happy and you choose to be content and satisfied with who you are, what you have and where you are and you know that you are on a journey that will eventually deliver the success you desire; it is easy to feel joy and happiness.
Stop believing that you will become happy when you achieve an outcome or reach a destination on your success journey. Destinations and goals that you achieve offer only limited satisfaction in the moment. Most, if not all destinations or goals realised, very quickly turn into an ant-climax. So if you are expecting any destination to bring you happiness, you are setting yourself up for a life of disappointment. I know this sounds like a cliché, you have heard a million times, but real happiness and joy comes from enjoying the journey. As soon as you have a clear vision and you make the shift, where you see everything as being on your way and you view every event, both negative and positive, which crosses your path, as an opportunity to gain or learn something. You have equipped yourself to live a life of meaning and contentment.
Stop postponing your happiness for the future and accept that happiness can never depend on anything outside of yourself. Happiness, joy and contentment is an internal job, it is something you are right now. It is impossible to be 100 % ecstatic and happy every waking moment of every day, but if you learn the art of looking at events as opportunities for growth and learning, rather than obstacles that limit and restrict you, causing you overwhelm. You equip yourself with a happiness toolkit, which will allow you to see the same event that would have caused you huge distress before, in a completely different light. As you change the way you see everything in your life, the things you look at will change.
Accept that you are the source of your happiness and that all your contentment and happiness comes from within. Stay focused on your vision and see each event that comes your way, for what it is, merely an opportunity to learn and grow, never allowing anything to overwhelm you and you have learnt a new skill for creating contentment and joy in your life.

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Andrew is an expert and master teacher that speaks and teaches self-leadership, expanded awareness, effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. He guides individuals and business professionals, to identify, prioritise and carry out the right activities, consistently, so that they can maximise their personal effectiveness and deliver their best; on time, every time. All the tools and techniques Andrew teaches; have been tested in the laboratory of his own life and the many successful businesses he has owned and led, over the past 20 years. These strategies have seen Andrew achieve financial independence and reach a point of harmonious balance in all areas of his life. His purpose is to help as many people as possible, achieve similar or better results and to show them how they can realise their full potential, both personal and professionally and to help them live a meaningful life, where they are fulfilled in all areas. http://www.andrewhorton.co.za