When there is a break-up or a divorce, children are usually the ones that are suffering so much! I lived this and I know the pain my daughter was in when her parents decided to divorce. In fact, her whole world crumble, and with it her safety, part of her identity, the loss of the family, the loss of her home. In fact, it is her full world that jus disappeared and she was feel both abandoned, rejected, unloved, and lost.

This is a very difficult time for children, and yes, most people around us are trying to make us feel better, by saying, oh they will adapt and recover. This is true, but with what price to pay?

With the responsibility of the break-up? With the loss of faith in adults? With limited beliefs? With lack of trust? With the denial of the right to express Love to their parents openly? With the fear to say something that will upset us?

The full future of children is based on one thing: how we heal from this, and how we take the journey further after this life event!

It is our responsibility to do so, and not expect children to heal this. As so many parents are trying to do and believe. I did it to, to some extend, because of the fear that if I did not have a child helping me, I would never be allowed to have my life and create what I wanted.
This is all wrong, and it is our responsibility and it is in our power to change this, to be the mode, to be the change and raise very happy children.

It is all a decision!

Because I did this, and I helped many of my clients to do the same with their children, that I created this unique programme that has helped so many already!

So you were in a divorce and still hurting, or if there is so much anger still and you cannot feel you are giving what you children need, which is your true authentic presence and unconditional love, this programme is for you, and will allow you to heal and regain this inner power and from this position help your children growing happy!

Do not wait! Even if this is a past event, but it is still hurting, or you still feel anger, guilt and are stuck, now is the time to get it right! So start today!

Author's Bio: 

Bertrand is a life, Relationship and Transformation Success Coach! He founded Design your Dream Life (http://designyourdreamlife.org) to bring his clients and people on a journey to become their true and authentic self and to live a great life, full of joy, happiness. I have done this journey myself and helped many finally finding this in their lives and living it. He has helped hundreds of people to create their lives and live it to its fullest. He life and his journey is an inspiration.

Bertrand is haring his knowledge and wisdom to his coaching clients, via his blogs, and by hosting a weekly radio show. Bertrand is also inspiring people coming to his inspirational, heartfelt and transformational workshops and talks.

His energy is soft and subtle and he gently helps people discover and uncover their limitations and then shift their power of creation.

Bertrand's passion is apparent in all he is doing and creating, and it is always to help people to see the world differently, to see their lives differently and unlock their true potential as human beings and powerful creators of their lives.

Bertrand is seen by many as a an emerging authority in the world of Human Psychology, and life transformation.

As a single dad, and having experienced a lot of challenges with parenting, with divorce, with all that a single parent has to do to create their life, Bertrand is helping people in similar situations to regain the lust of life, the passion inside us, and create happy children, happy parents, happy and fulfilled people.