Happy elderly people feel settled into who they truly are on the inside. This is one key characteristic of happy elderly people that allows them to enjoy the present moment, eradicate self doubt, and live authentically.

Happy elderly people are confident in how they choose to live. They know what works and can create a life filled with the inner peace we all want.

These have a key trait that must not be ignored; They are comfortable with themselves...

This leads to some behaviors which play a part in prolonging their happiness. You can use their happiness information to increase your own happiness levels.

Characteristics Of Happy Older People

They don't sweat the small stuff

Something happens as elderly people reach their maturity; they realize the true power of their focus. Their brains no longer hold onto all the little details which can inform them of how terrified they should be in a particular moment. Happy elderly people know that worry is a waste of time which would otherwise be enjoyed. They use this information to change their focus.

They focus on what is good in their lives

Happy older people have learned through practice and error that regrets are useless. Their ability to look forward to what is "good in life" is increased by their gratitude for the remaining moments in their lives. And, this positive focus is encouraged by the knowledge of what a waste worry has been in their lives.

Happy older people feel that having a purpose is a privilege

Not being forced to work, they can find the joy in work.

There's nothing so infuriating as being treated as if you are useless to the world. Happy older people overcome the stereotypes and potential fear of being dead already by living to the fullest, even through work and exercise.

Happy older people often volunteer their time, relish opportunities to care for children, and enjoy activities that were thought of as chores in their youth.

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