As Father’s Day approaches (June 16th, 2013), I began to contemplate about significant means to pay tribute to the forsaken heroes, our fathers. We should seize the opportunity to pay respect toward our dads by celebrating the event in joyous manners.

The fundamental question should focus on the reasons behind celebrating Father’s Day. Without stating the obvious, most individuals are caught on the daily struggle of survival in the complex societies of today. Consequently, we acquired the tendency of taking our fathers for granted.
Attempting to instill appreciative attitudes toward fathers within my students, every year, I discuss the significance of the day with them. I have no doubt, whatsoever in my mind, that all kids hold nothing but profound love for their dads. Nevertheless, they are too cool to express that love verbally or affectionately. They justify their actions by stating that their dads are aware of their love and subsequently, there is no need to express that love in empty words, pretentious hugs or superficial gifts.

I must acquire the courage to admit that as a child, I took my father for granted too. I, only, began to re-evaluate my attitude toward my remarkable father after his death when I was 15 years old. I started to realize how great my deceased dad was and how much he sacrificed to provide us with a comfortable lifestyle.

Becoming a father myself with two kids, I looked forward to Father’s Day to spend it with my beloved children. Their gestures of gratitude and respect on that day brought a tremendous amount of joy and pleasure into my life. For those wonderful memories, I shall be eternally grateful toward them.

The following question should be “How can I celebrate Father’s Day?” Fortunately, it is always celebrated on Sundays when the majority of people are free. Hence, you can take your family for an excursion with your dad as the guest of honor. A thoughtful gift, reasonably priced would make your father extremely happy. A self-made symbolic gift presented with a hug to your dad would give him an emotional fulfillment. Even a sincere and heartfelt phone call to him would be sufficiently adequate if you are too busy or have no financial means to display gratitude and respect toward your father on his day.

Fathers work earnestly together with their spouses, to provide windows of opportunities for their children to lead productive and contented lives. The least we could do is taking a day of our hectic lifestyles to wish them excellent health and ultimate happiness. Mothers ought to remind and encourage their kids to pay respect and display love and affection to toward fathers on Father’s Day. Teachers, fulfilling one of their main responsibilities, instilling values and principles within their students, should discuss the event and emphasize the importance of appreciating their dads.

Author's Bio: 

I am a Canadian Egyptian author, poet and educator. Currently, I am residing in China. I published three books and hundreds of articles.