In today’s world, you promote your music mostly online, interact with fans online, and grow your music career online; therefore, it is okay that buying beats and instrumentals for your songs followed the same path.

Buying bits used to be much more complicated than it is today. So in this post, LitKidBeats offers you the opportunity to buy punches online as well as answer some of the questions that may be on your mind while reading this.

Check out our selection of high quality beats for sale. LitKidBeats offers rappers and singers a wide range of quality freestyle type beat for producers and video makers from around the world.

If you can’t find information on where you can buy your beats from your social profiles or where you listened to the instrument, look for your name on these LitKidBeats teams.

And if you have a terrible day with beats and can’t find them in any of LitKidBeats, you need to contact us directly. Buying bits directly is the way it used to be, and usually involves a little round trip, your payment, and then the producer sends you a bit once the payment is confirmed.

Beats is the background music for all the songs you hear on the radio (everything except the sound). They are often called beats, instrumental, instrumental bits, background music, etc.

The music industry has changed a lot in recent years. Independent artists thrive everywhere, unlabeled. But for those who aren’t interested in music production, buying Beats is the next best thing. Whether you want to upload an album or your freestyle bedroom, you need a starting point.

LitKidBeats offers free rap bits and free downloads for our non-exclusive Beats products. Take a look at the music player above and click on the download option. These free beats are quick downloads.

[FREE] Freestyle Type Beat - "Stacks" | Free Type Beat | Fast Freestyle Rap Trap Instrumental 2020

The words Hip Hop Beats (sometimes called Lofi) and Rap Beats are used interchangeably in the industry. I often think of hip-hop music more as an “old school” boom bap and Rap Beats more than a “new school”. But many use these two together, something like "Beatz."

LitKidBeats also offers luxury beats. On this website, you will find our clearing department, which offers exclusive rights at a competitive price that you can find online.

At LitKidBeats, we know that many rappers try to find the Beats they’re looking for using Google. While we won’t name all of the Beats Type Beats titles, just use the player’s search feature to find the Beat style you’re looking for.

We ask for royalties if the song generates a significant amount of revenue, as most producers do. However, we are not following it. Please only let us know if the song used by our Beat generates a significant amount of revenue.

All our Beats products are for immediate delivery. You will be directed immediately after your purchase. Also, download links for your email. Immediate download is a huge plus for those who are ready to start creating right away.

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[FREE] Freestyle Type Beat - "Stacks" | Free Type Beat | Fast Freestyle Rap Trap Instrumental 2020