Threading is less painful and fussy compared to waxing or microblading but it can still hurt if you don’t prep your skin post the treatment. Immediately after face threading, you should do a few things to soothe your skin and that’s vital. Experts always recommend following these tips to protect your skin from itchiness, redness or rashes post full face threading.

  • Apply Rose Water

Salon experts offering face threading in Adelaide always recommend applying rose water with cotton balls after facial threading. Rosewater soothes skin pores and reduces the chances of inflammation. Additionally, it heals your skin and prevents bumps or rashes. However, if you don’t have rose water handy, you may also use coconut oil or other essential oils. But you must avoid applying oils if the weather is humid outside. It can worsen the condition and make your skin prone to infection. Thus, rose water is the best solution to go for.

  • Aloe Vera Heals Pain

When it comes to applying something soothing to the skin after facial threading, aloe vera is a popular choice. Most people are aware of its healing properties as it’s best used to treat sunburn, acne, itchiness and redness. Immediately after threading, you may sponge aloe vera lotion or extract natural pulp and apply it to the affected areas. It will heal your skin and reduce pain and discomfort to a significant extent.

  • Fight Redness with Ice

 A simple yet proven way to soothe your skin post face threading is by applying ice cubes. Ice works great to curb pain and treat redness, especially in areas that are too sensitive such as brow lines. Hold ice cubes on the affected areas for some time and your skin will surely feel better. For a firm grip, you may put the ice cubes in a handkerchief and twist the excess cloth around. The application procedure becomes much easier and you can easily hold the cloth without freezing your fingers.

  • Avoid Exposure to Sunlight

Resorting to the best aftercare post face threading can help in protecting your skin from adverse effects and avoiding direct exposure to sunlight is one of them.  Direct exposure to sunlight immediately after face threading can harm your skin and trigger chances of irritations, redness and infections. Threading opens up the pores and thus, you need to take protective measures if you decide to go out. Avoid direct sunlight by wearing a hat or going out immediately after face threading in Adelaide for the best protection.

  • Apply a Healing Gel

Another way to soothe your skin post threading is by applying a good facial gel or lotion. However, gel has a cooling effect and is best to apply in sensitive zones after facial threading. It helps your skin feel relaxed and experience less pain than usual. Cooling gel also reduces inflammation and prevents bumps and skin infections.

Last Words

 Face threading is not going to be painful and cumbersome if you keep these helpful tips in mind. If you find this post helpful, share it with your friends and family and post your comments. We would love to hear from you.

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