There are many debates about whether drinking tap water is safe or not? Or is it better to drink bottled water only? Many people say that tap water is clean and completely safe to drink, while others say it is not the only water on the planet. Water is an important ingredient for health.

Whatever your point of view, read 6 reasons below to know why you should stop drinking tap water.

1. Tap water can lead to skin problems.
Tap water actually contains number of dangerous chemicals, including Bisphenol, arsenic and lead. Arsenic is a carcinogen and may cause disease if used in large quantities. High levels of nitrates present in tap water can be dangerous for babies, especially if used for mixing. It is best to use bottled water for infants to avoid illnesses from pollutants.

2. Most tap water contains chlorine:
If tap water containing a disinfectant component of chlorine, may contribute to birth defects, fetal death, low birth weight, premature birth and some other serious pregnancy related problems. Pregnant women should use a separate filtered water system and avoid using tap water completely.

3. Pharmaceutical ingredients.
Believe it or not, tap water contains pharmaceutical ingredients. The most common types of ingredients are in birth control pills, red pills, antibiotics, antidepressants, painkillers and psychiatrists. The city's water supply has been proven to contain most of these drugs.

4. Cause Kidney Stone.
Tap water is one of the leading causes of kidney stones. If you are prone to kidney stones, stop drinking tap water immediately. If you've ever been to doctors who specialize in treating kidney stones, you'll know one of the first questions asked is whether you regularly drink tap water. If you've had problems with kidney stones in the past, stay away from tap water and switch to drinking bottled water or pure mineral water.

5. Water supply depends on large lakes.
Sometimes these lakes are polluted. If it rains too long, water can be contaminated by parasites, birds nest on the shore, they can go into the lake and so bacteria can multiply. Local water supply is checked before use only when there is a good filtration system .

6. People with weakened immune systems should avoid tap water.
These people's bodies may be more sensitive to diseases that can be caused by using tap water. Patients with cancer or HIV, all should blame using tap water or boiling water before drinking.

There are many options for drinking filtered/ boiled or bottled water instead of tap water. You can buy bottled water, but be sure to read the label carefully to find out if the water is filtered or treated because it all starts with tap water. This type of water filter should also be changed regularly to ensure that it removes contaminants from safe water. Every city has different water quality, just taste it will know.

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Misty Jhones