Influence of subliminal ads has been found to have an impact on purchase. Subliminal Ads are usually noticed by the subconscious mind rather than the conscious. Use of these ads has an effect unknown to the buyer. In order to achieve the flow of subliminal ads and technology in marketing products, the following aspects should be acknowledged.

Correct Setting

Normally the setting of the viewers should be relaxed in order to get the effect of these ads. The timing should be around a time when most people are watching television. The effect is best received by the subconscious mind when at ease. This will ensure more people get the effect and purchase the product. Note that in subliminal technology use, most people do not even realize that their subconscious minds have absorbed the messages.


Subliminal ads should be simple and easily read. This is because a hard message will capture the use of the conscious mind, which is not the target. The subliminal messages should be projected fast. In order to fully reach the target, quick messages that can only be read by the subconscious mind are used. This is to avoid analysis of the message by the active mind, which reduces the effect.

Presentation of the Aids

To make the influence of subliminal ads effective, one has to think about the presentation. The subconscious mind is best aroused by soft slow music. In fact, many people looking for the best subliminal technology find it in DVD format in very soft, positive and fast messages. Incorporating the ad with soft music will ensure reception by the subconscious mind.

The choice color of the subliminal image also matters. A soft of shouting color can be used depending on the product. Eco-friendly products will require a natural color resembling the environment. This sends a message to the subconscious mid in that when one thinks of nature the products comes in the mind.

The images used should evoke emotions in the mind of the viewers. The images should not be displayed in full, but a mere presentation is enough for the subconscious mind. The images, although unclear, are stored in the memory by the subconscious mind and are subject to remember.


The influence of subliminal ads will be achieved faster by repetition. Quick repetition in alternating durations is quickly absorbed and stored. The repetition ensures that those who previously had not seen the ad will see it and get the effect. The repetition in the subconscious mind constantly reminds the individual of the product. This will influence a viewer to buy the product.


Subliminal messages should be correctly timed. Early morning when the mind is free and fresh is a good time run the message. The impact of this will be that during the day the mind will be constantly reminded of the product. Bedtime is also a good time. Most messages that are absorbed at night by the subconscious mind are digested during the night. An individual might dream of certain products that they saw. This creates curiosity of the products hence purchase.

The influence of subliminal ads can have a huge impact if correct program is considered. The effect of such ads is to make consumers think of that product more. With the emergency of subliminal technology, subliminal ads can be infused in the messages in different ways. In fact, people will just absorb the ads without knowing that they have. This is the essence of subliminal technology.

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