Harvard styles papers are papers written according to the Harvard style of writing. The Harvard style of writing mainly focuses on areas of citation and references. Harvard style papers involve making citation inside text using the author/ date system. Under this system the surname of the author and the materials date of publication are enclosed in brackets separated by a comma and placed at the end of sentences containing ideas from that source. Ideas from a source may be included in the text of a Harvard style papers in two ways. One is by paraphrasing the author’s ideas into your own words while the second is to quote the author’s direct worlds as they are.
When making direct quotations, quotation marks must be included and if the quote is long it should be indented into its owns paragraph. When the ideas from the source are specific or have been directly quoted the page number of the material from which this information was obtained may be included inside the parenthesis containing the authors name and date of publication. You may also come across articles or other sources of information which are very difficult to identify the authors. In such cases the title of the material replaces the name of the author inside the parenthesis in Harvard style papers. While citing a source that has more than two authors, only the name of one author is included followed by “et al” and then the year of publication.
Harvard style papers also call for an inclusion of a list of references at the end of the document. All sources cited inside text are reflected in the Harvard style papers’ reference page where their full bibliographic information is provided. Referencing a book in the reference page of Harvard style papers follows the format; author’s surname, initial of first name, date of publication, title, place of publication and publisher. When referencing an electronic publication the writer should first record the surname of the author, initial of first name, date of publication, title, date the material was viewed and then the URL. Besides these rules of citing and referencing sources, Harvard style papers also follow all the other rules of academic writing. These are such as ensuring use of correct language, spelling, punctuation, sentencing and structure.
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