We all have experienced painful relationship drama. When a relationship ends, it feels as though the wind was knocked right out of us. Relationships are never a waste of your time, even though they end. Some of us move on while others keep themselves locked into the pain. I have heard it all; "I wasted 6 months of my life." I've wasted 12 yrs of my life." Whether it was a long term relationship, short term, or even a divorce we all have had those thoughts. Unfortunately some of us swore to never love again!

We avoid relationships because of fear; because we are afraid of being hurt, betrayed, or just being in that pain. If you really understood what love is and how relationships come to be then you can release it, learn from it, and most importantly, move on. We all want love and to be loved and accepted. Even those who swore never to love again are not speaking their truth.

There are so many studies out about why we love so and so or what to do if such and such happens. Seriously, if everyone understood this very simple concept; we attract our mirror to ourselves and to stop blaming others for our misery, then life would be a much happier place. We are in charge of who we date, and all you have to do is look at the break-ups in a positive way. No one really knows how that "love" feeling is even created, we just know that it exists. If we were aware of the fact that what we believe is what we create and take responsibility for our breakups, then it would be much easier to deal with the endings. People come into our lives to teach us something, to learn about what is important to them in a relationship, to find out what type of person works for them and, most importantly, they are our mirror.

My life has been about relationships. My first relationship started when I was in the first grade. I was in that relationship for three years. All through grade school I was in one relationship after another. I never had to search for one. When one of my associations ended, another one showed up. The longest I was not in a connection was 3 months. I had three marriages which all ended up in divorce. My life path was to learn about relationships and then help others with theirs. Even though I have had so much heartache, I still continued being open to another possibility because I understood what they really meant and how to release that pain quickly.

The following are steps for you to take to release the pain and move on:

1. Look at each connection as a possibility to grow from and always be positive no matter what

2. Know what is important to you and do not settle

3. If there is something you don't like about that person, than look at yourself and ask, "what is it about my self that needs to change so my outside changes"?

4. If the relationship ends then step back and say, "thank you (name) for coming into my life and teaching me so and so. Really look at it from another view to see what you learned from it

5. Release that person and let them go

6. The longer you are in a relationship the more releasing you need to do

7. One way is to get a white candle and write on a piece of paper a note to him/her; "I release you and let you go." Let the candle burn out completely.

8. Write a list of all the positives and negatives about your relationship and you will see the negatives out way the positives

9. Send that person only love even though you are upset.

10. Write another list on all the qualities you would like in your next relationship as there is power in the written word. Then the universe will go out and find that person for you

It can take anywhere from two days to a week to release someone and, trust me, this works. If you are really connected to that person you can visualize both of you together and see cords between you. Visualize cutting off the cords and say, "I release (name) from me." If you do this process, you will release the heartache and then you are able to move on.

Realize that the only person suffering here is you. Sometimes relationships end because one person is growing while the other is not. Always think positively and who knows, the next person might just be the right person for you. Letting this go is a healing process for you and once you see how this works magic in your life you will know the steps to take for yourself to be able to always move on. Remember, life is a wonderful place and love steps it up a notch. Do not deny yourself the love you deserve.

Author's Bio: 

Maxine has been on her own spiritual path since age six, when she started to realize she could see and understand the beyond. She has been seeing and communicating with spirits and channeling messages for years.

She learned meditation skills and expanded her psychic awareness during the 1980's. She spent alot of time counseling friends and others, knowing that was her spiritual path.

She found that many people have unanswered questions, unresolved issues, and live in fear of the unknown. Her destiny is to assist and guide these people.

Maxine has a special gift helping people with emotional difficulties. She has found that highly emotional people have a unique path, and once they find it, they are able to live lives full of love and happiness.

Maxine uses her spiritual gift to coach and assist people worldwide.

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