Have a cookie today.

On a diet? Break it for a bit and have a cookie.

Busy. Lots of work. Kids have guitar lessons later? Have a cookie today.

Not just any cookie, you absolute favorite. And one more caveat . . . take at least 5 minutes to eat it, regardless of the size. Take more if you wish, but at the minimum, 5 minutes.

Sounds silly? Maybe, but I bet most of you are smiling as you read this. You are also learning a lot too.

Firstly, you probably feel good reading this. As you think about lunch or dinner or when ever you will have your cookie today, it makes you feel even better. In other words, there is a really good chance that you will feel really good throughout the day. Good feelings attract good results. Great feelings attract great results. Bad feelings. . . .you know the rest.

Secondly, you are going to have your favorite cookie, just just any ole’ one. The lesson here is that you are not going to settle. You have complied, adapted and accommodated so many for so long. Today, in a tasty and very symbolic way, you are not settling for, any more. You deserve the best. It is in the small, seemingly insignificant moments that major life shifts can occur.

Thirdly, given the fact that you are taking (at least) 5 full minutes to consume the cookie, you are (re-) learning the Joy of Eating. Many people “inhale” their food due to habits or time constraints. One hand has the fork while the other has the iPhone. Give your body a break. Give it, not only the nutrition it deserves, but the time to process the foods you consume.

Plus, it’s a cookie. Enjoy it. Really, really enjoy it.

Have a cookie today. You never know how your life may improve.

Author's Bio: 

David Orman is the creator of TheOrdinaryBuddha.wordpress.com.