Is your mind always restless? Do you always find yourself worrying about things in the future or something that happened in the past, instead of focusing on your present? Anxiety has tumbled-down the mental peace of almost every other individual out there. Anxiety disorders are most common among the individuals in the U.S. lmost 40 million of the adults that are 18 and above, suffer from it and even though it is treatable, only 39% of individuals take treatment for it.A The ones suffering from anxiety are in constant fear about everyday situations. Plus, when that fear takes its toll, anxiety then transits into a panic attack, which is far worse to control.
Anxiety doesn’t happen like the flu. It takes time to enter someone’s mind and grow. Anxiety attack starts as a result of a fearful episode that one might’ve experienced during their childhood or adulthood. It can be caused by a situation, a person or even a thing.

What People With Anxiety Disorder Feel Like?

• People battling with anxiety disorder find themselves in a constant state of restlessness and tension
• They’re so nervous all the time, that they’re often seen biting their nails
• Most of the times, they are afraid of something bad that might happen to them
• They look for ways to avoid triggers that add to their anxiety. For example, people that get anxious around others, always make excuses to evade gatherings
• Their pulse rate is mostly high
• They always feel tired and look exhausted
• They fail to concentrate on things as their mind always keeps them distracted with unnecessary things
• They have trouble to sleep

It’s okay to be someone with crippling anxiety, but it’s not okay to keep holding on to it for the rest of your life. Life isn’t always all fun and games, we get it! But that doesn’t mean you can’t distract yourself from such painful situations, where you find yourself clenched tightly between helplessness. Therefore, if you have an anxiety that often keeps you from having a relaxed mind, then here are some fun things you can do to distract yourself from it:

1. Maintain a Journal

Journaling is one of the best ways through which you can learn to cope up with your emotions. Whatever you’ve been keeping bottled up inside yourself; can find an outlet through journaling. You can start off by listing down your goals and ambitions, make a mood-board of the things that you like, or write poetry about the person you enjoy being around. The possibilities are just endless. Journaling can an amazing activity to induce positive thoughts into your mind.

2. Paint

Creativity is the best way to tackle an unrest mind. Nothing brings out the emotions better than splattering colors on a canvas. For this, all you need is a set of paints, paintbrushes, a canvas and your creativity. If you battle with anxiety on a very frequent basis then you must try painting your thoughts out. Your brain is wired in a strange way. It enjoys seeing you mix those colors together and paint. Plus, using art to deviate your mind from anxiety can calm you down as well. Instead of letting your anxiety take its toll on you. You can actually use it, explore it and see where you can take it, with your creativity.

3. Bake

Baking is a great therapy for an anxious mind. Imagine investing your time and effort into something that results in making your tummy very happy. Experts believe that the process of baking that usually comprises of rolling, kneading and whisking. Such activities are extremely helpful in reducing stress levels. So remember, the next time you are feeling anxious and extremely worried, prepare a batch of nice and hot, blueberry muffins and unwind with a warm cup of cocoa. Mmmmm….

4. Do Household Chores

Heard Michael B. Jordan saying in one of his interviews, that he finds ironing his clothes extremely therapeutic. If your mind is feeling anxious about something, then finishing a load of laundry is just what you should do. Plus, go on a detailed house-cleaning spree. Clean up all the dirty spots in your house, fold the clean laundry and iron your clothes. Nothing calms down a worked up mind better than a clean and spotless house.

5. Create an Anxiety Retreat Space

Lastly, to distract yourself from anxiety, turn your house into an anxiety retreat space. De-clutter and get rid of things that add to your anxiety. Get an internet connection and use it to watch videos that can help you calm down during an anxious situation. Plus, use colors in your room that don’t induce anxiety and decorate your house in the same manner. Your house is your safe haven and with these additions, you can overcome anxiety in a super-effective way.

The Final Word

Anxiety can be extremely deteriorating to one’s health, mind, and presence, all in all. It’s okay if you’re dealing with anxiety. As long as you’re doing the aforementioned activities to keep yourself happy, then you’re doing absolutely wonderful.

Author's Bio: 

Tina Anderson is a passionate writer with a core interest in work ethics and healthy lifestyle changes.She loves to travel and has a burgeoning collection of broken and weirdly-shaped clay pots she made via her pottery-making endeavors.