While everyone has times when they are in an extreme mood, a person with bipolar can be very depressed and at other times be so happy that they seem like they are driven by a motor. Their mood can change very suddenly, and it often seems that there is no apparent cause. This is called bipolar disorder. As the name implies, they are often in one extreme of mood or the other. If you know one of these people it may be hard for you to understand them, and it can seem that they are making you have mood swings. This article will help you understand more of why they act the way they do, and how to help them.

People with bipolar are subject to extreme mood swings. While everyone tends to feel good when their life is going well and get sad or depressed when things are not well, people with bipolar have more extremes of mood. They can get so depressed that they do not want to get out of bed and cry or get angry when there seems to have been nothing that provoked it. Conversely, at other times they seem so happy that they talk and move faster than anyone and do not seem to need any sleep. They get irritable if anyone tried to slow them down.

Chemically, this is caused by having too many or too little chemicals in the brain that make you feel good. When you understand this you will be more accepting of them and less judgmental.

Whether the person is depressed or manic they often do not want to interact with anyone. When they tell you to leave them alone, tell them they can talk to you later. This will make them feel comfortable to approach you later.
People with bipolar disorder often say that they will never find the right partner because the mood swings scare people away. However, just because they have bipolar disorder, it is not the only attribute that they have, and are functioning human beings with emotions and beliefs just like everybody else. People with bipolar are often intelligent, caring, and have good qualities. When they are on the right medication and in therapy, their mood can be stabilized and they function well. They need recognition for the things that they do well.

Understanding that bipolar is a disease is only the first step in helping them. They should allow you to come to some of their therapy sessions so you can understand them better and know how to help them. When someone first goes to therapy they often do not want others participating. However, they should include you after a few sessions. Enroll in your own therapy if you need to learn to take care of yourself. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is a wonderful support group for family members of people with mental illness.

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Frank Healy is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Life Coach. He is one of about 50 people who have been classified as having Hyperthymesia by the University of California. Frank participated in their reserch studies because he remembers every day of his life since he was six years old. He is now 53. His memory of each day includes the day of the week, the weather in his locale, news events and personal experiences. Recalling so much in his life had it's advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include recall of every happy experience he had with friends, family, school, and his wife. The corollary of that is that he remembers all of the negative things. Bad days at work and school, slights from people, bad days at jobs, romantic breakups etc. Before he began his own journey he would recall bad memories with the same emotional intensity as if he was experiencing it now. He had learn to let go of the feelings. He now counsels and coaches people to heal from the ill affects of their own traumatic and unpleasant memories. This can help people be happier and move on to a successful present and future.

Frank lives with his wife in Dennisville, New Jersey. He is in private practice at Associates For Life Enhancement in Northfield, New Jersey. Frank enjoys going to the beach, reading, writing, playing quizzo with friends (It's a trivia game) and playing ball wth his grandsons.

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