It wasn’t too long ago that hospitals began experimenting with telemedicine services. The objective was to provide treatment to people living in remote locations. Now, whether you want a second opinion or get a lab report checked, you can Fin online doctor in Pakistan and get your answers on the go.

How can I benefit from an online physician in Pakistan?

With rapid advancements in technology, telemedicine and other online health services have transformed into an integrated service involving hospitals, private practices, homes and other healthcare facilities. Online healthcare mobile apps have made it easier for individuals with health problems to consult healthcare professionals without having to travel long distances or wait hours inside a clinic.

How do I find an online doctor in Pakistan?

So, whether you live in Karachi or Lahore, find a doctor in Lahore or anywhere in Pakistan by downloading an online doctor app on your smartphone. Telemedicine allows the exchange of all sorts of information like pictures of patients, lab and radiology scans and reports. Doctors can see and hear a patient through live video calls and provide online medical consultations. An online physician in Pakistan can treat individuals with basic health problems without seeing them in a clinical setting. This way doctors can give more time to patients with more serious health concerns in the hospital.

What kind of diseases can be treated online?

People who have chronic medical conditions like high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes need to visit their doctors regularly to keep their health in check. Sometimes it is not possible to attend each appointment. In such situations online doctor appointment in Pakistan is a convenient option to monitor chronic health conditions to ensure everything is on track.

Can I get online prescriptions?

E-doctors or online physicians in Pakistan are authorized to write online prescriptions as well. Most patients are too lazy to go to a doctor for re-fill medication. Studies show that chronic health conditions get complicated because patients don’t comply with the medicine regimen prescribed by their doctors. With online mobile apps you can find a doctor in Pakistan with the click of a few buttons.

Developing countries like Pakistan where more than half of the population is in rural regions, telemedicine services like My live doctors help patients in villages access qualified healthcare professionals and get treated long distance. Online medicine services have the potential to reach a great percentage of the population where quality healthcare is scarce. Some villages don’t have a single primacy care center where they can get treated for basic everyday health problems like headache, flu, allergies and stomach aches.

My live doctors is actively playing its role in delivering quality healthcare to the masses which is affordable, quick, safe and reliable. It is an online healthcare platform where patient doctor confidentiality is guaranteed. Your medical records will be stored away in a safe space which can only be accessed by you or your healthcare provider. So, the next time you’re looking for expert medical advice, or need to understand a report, ask a doctor online in Lahore, or whatever city you’re in at My Live doctors.

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Dr. Abigail Kane MD is a graduate of George Washington University school of medicine. Dr. Kane trained in the department of cardiology during her residency. During her residency she was able to provide utmost care and consultation which resulted in an overall improvement of the department. Dr. Kane has been practicing as a cardiologist in California since 1997. She currently has 7 publications in the American Journal of Cardiology and has co-authorships involving other publications. Her practice focuses on new research in the field of Cardiology in accordance with published clinical trials. Most of her treatment strategies are evidence based as her are research papers. She has always been a career-driven, ambitious individual with high aspirations. Dr. Kane is listed as a major contributor in the publication that featured the therapeutic effects of a new cardio-protective drug that may be used in preventive cardiology. Currently Dr. Kane hold various certifications from the American Board of Internal Medicine and she was also recognized with an award for her work in cardiology research.